Mimielle’s Monday a la Mode: 100 Alt. Fashion Styles to Celebrate Horror Addicts Episode 100

This is a list of 100 fashion substyles and NO PICTURES.

Why no pix? Because I want you to test your visualization skills to see how many you can call to mind. Alternative fashion is nothing new though we like to pretend it is and that dressing artfully is a modern concept. Truthfully, it is centuries old and meant much the same then as it does now, a public visual statement outside mainstream culture for whatever reason. This list is not all-inclusive and leans heavily towards my biases and some I know listeners have. Hopefully it will be entertaining and maybe give you a few new inspirations as well.

There is a poll at the end to choose or write in your own sub-style that you currently wear most, I’d really like to know.


*The Goths*
1. TradGoth/Oldschool
2. CyberGoth
3. Romantic Goth
4. Nu-Goth/Soft Goth
5. Pastel Goth & Creepy Cute
6. Deathrocker
7. BabyBat
8. Rivet Head
9. BabyDoll Goth
10. Faerie Goth
11. ShiroGoth/White Goth
12. Corporate Goth
13. Victorian Goth
14. Hippie Goth
15. J-Goth
16. Military Goth
17. Tribal Goth
18. Geek Goth
19. Medieval Goth
20. Cabaret Goth
21. Carnival/Circus Goth
22. Casual Goth
23. Haute Goth
24. Glam Goth
25. Metal Head
26. Steampunk Goth
27. Perky Goth
28. Emo Goth
29. Deathrocker
30. Vampire Goth
31. Mopey Goth
32. Festival Goth

*The Lolitas*
Not all of these are sub-sub-styles, more like classifications below the first 3. But it is helpful to classify them in order to sort them out from each other. Plus I like them.
33. Gothic
34. Classic
35. Sweet
36. Punk
37. Kuro, Shiro, other single color
38. Princess/Hime
39. Guro
40. Aristocrat/Madam
41. Ouji/Kodona (Boystyle)
42. Dandy
43. Wa
44. Sailor
45. Qi
46. Country
47. Casual


*The Punks & Anarchists*
48. Old school Punk
49. Anarcho-Punk
50. Steampunk
51. Clockpunk
52. Dieselpunk
53. Teslapunk

*The Neos*
55. Neo-Victorian
56. Neo-Roccoco
57. Neo-Romantic
58. Neo-Edwardian
59. Neo-Retro (1960’s-70’s reinventions)
60. Neo-Ludwig
61. Neo-Flapper/Gatsby

*The Retros*
62. Pinup
62. Rockabilly
63. Hippie
64. Bohemian
65. Disco
66. Indie
67. Mod
68. Hipster (many types, often a strange hybrid of retro and ultramodern)
69. T-Bird/Greaser
70. Zoot
71. Laid-Back 80’s Miami Vice/Magnum

*The Japanese Street Styles*
72. Visual Kei, Oshare Kei
73. Gyaru/Gyaru-o
74. Lolita* the sub-sub-styles listed above in their category.
75. Decora
76. Dolly Kei
77. Mori Girl (and Boy)
78. Cult Party Kei (CPK)
79. Yamamba, Manba, Ganguro (sub-style of Gyaru, a small resurgence of Ganguro is currently being seen in 2014)
80. Angura Kei & Shiro Nuri
81. Fairy Kei, Magical Girl styles (these styles are merging somewhat with the new Sailor Moon merchandising and upcoming 6 ❤ Princess, including the Shu Uemura x Takashi Murakami collaboration here)

* The Scenesters*
I had to get another cup of coffee before even attempting to unravel a few for this one!
82. Glamcore
83. Screamo (see Grunge as well)
84. Hardcore
85. Pop Scene (overlap with Rave)
86. Hippie Scene
87. Bubblegum Scene (Oh Avril, you are here now)
88. Candy Genderchi
89. Emo (though there is debate whether this belongs here, it is a sub-style and very closely related.)

* The Unclasssified*
These are a thing, they just did not seem to fit well in any category and I am less familiar with them.
90. Chav (pre-Scene and current incarnation)
91. Chonga
92. Chola
93. HipHop
94. Industrial
95. Rave (Candy Rave has Scene crossover)
96. Emocore (ties to Goth and Emo itself)
97. Ero Kawaii (see Bubblegum Scene though both may not like the association)
98. Grunge (I am sure there are sub-sub-styles within but I will leave as an exercise for the readers to sort them.)
99. New Romanticism/Blitz kids (undergoing a slight bout of new popularity related to a small Synthpop revival but not quite full-blown retro)
100. Ethnic Fashion (and surrounding cultural appropriation controversies)

So, how many did you get a visual for? How many were interesting enough to look up? And finally the poll is below…what is YOUR style?

Whatever it is – Stay Beautiful, Addicts! ~Mimielle

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