World Goth Day Observance Spans 2 Worlds


In all worlds and situations, acceptance is often taken for granted. When intolerance rears its ugly head, sometimes people have suffered and some have died for being who they are, dressing as they choose, expressing themselves overtly. One of those people was a young woman named Sophie Lancaster, a Goth.

Almost 7 years have passed. We do not forget.

Founded in 2009, May 22nd is World Goth Day, a time to gather, to celebrate, to remember and reflect. Since it is on Thursday this year, many will celebrate on the weekend with club events, picnics and other outings but I keep the day with a public luncheon in one of the most visible places in my own local comfort zone, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. This year we will take a group photo in the 20th Century gallery among the Warhols and dine under a 1.5 ton steel heart by Jeff Koons. We don’t just passively remember each year, we are visible. We represent.

Find events all over the world here.

The Sophie Lancaster Foundation


Focused on creating respect for and understanding of subcultures in our communities, The Sophie Lancaster Foundation also works in conjunction with politicians and police forces to ensure individuals who are part of subcultures are protected by the law. Merchandise purchased here benefits the foundation.

For those who don’t have or can’t attend or start a local event, WORLD GOTH FAIR 2014 will be taking place in Second Life on Cursed, Sium & Port Seraphine on May 15th – June 1st, & proceeds will benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. SL merchants, DJs and residents have gathered to play, sell and socialize. The 3 sims full of builds are amazing to see and I confess, my Second Life avatar, Fauve Aeon has done some shopping already!

Here is the DJ lineup for the day (times in PST):



And lastly, I will leave you with some photos from the Fair.

Stay Beautiful, Addicts, in ALL worlds! ~Mimielle (and Fauve)






4 thoughts on “World Goth Day Observance Spans 2 Worlds

  1. This was a very nice writeup, Mimielle. I’m so glad that you mentioned Sophie Lancaster. Indeed, World Goth Day is a time during which she should be remembered.


    • Thank you A.d., it’s very important to me to exercise my power to represent and hopefully change a mind or two where I can, I know you and some other good friends are much the same way. ❤


  2. It’s great that we have days like these to celebrate goth culture and pride and to remember those who were persecuted for their love and lifestyle of that culture. I add all other pop culture/”geeky” celebration days to this (e.g. Towel Day for “Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, “Star Wars” Day/May the Fourth Be With You). I’m not being sarcastic; I really do mean it. So many of us subcultures have been persecuted for our overt geeky interests. I’m not quite goth myself; I’m more gothic and so have shown overtly my love for the horror and dark fantasy genre cultures including in my way of dress though it’s not quite goth wear. I guess you can call me a modest goth, or even a mod goth if you like. lol (The mod part of that is kind of another story.)


    • Sounds like an interesting story! Subculture representation is more popular than it has ever been and I really love the openness vs the exclusivity mindset that has also grown up with it. Maybe that’s why those of us why have reached a certain age or point in our life where we won’t usually be questioned feel very strongly about it! ❤


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