The Kryptos

Movie Review by C. A. Milson


Stars: Michael Saguto, Jill Thiel, Brian Rooney and Nahum Zarco

Directed by: Omar Haro

IMDB Rating: N/A

Plot: “Tommy is a little boy, Tommy wants to play with toys, Tommy knows it’s time for bed, But no one knows what’s in his head.”

 My Tagline: “Home Alone – The Horror Cut”

The Kryptos – A psychological horror that explores the mind of one child with the supernatural events that go on in his home. Or at least, that is the way it is meant to come across. Although I did like this movie, there were a few things which did jump out at me, which I do need to point out. Early on in the piece, we see the mother (Jill Thiel) talking on the phone with the family doctor, during which we hear him say “I’m sorry about your husband..” In the next scene, we see her going on a date with her boyfriend (or new boyfriend), Freddy. If there was a period of time between these events, then that needed to be explored.

The other scene which I had a gripe with was when Freddy leaves her place and the next minute she receives a phone call saying that Freddy has been in an accident. Her reaction was, to say the least, dry and emotionless. For someone who was meant to be in some form of relationship, I expected to see her rush out the door, or at very least, be in tears at the news of her boyfriend. But was there? No…. Rather, she decided to sternly talk to Tommy (her son) then decide to get dressed and leave. I don’t know about you, but my first reaction would be to get to the scene of the accident to see if my other half was okay, rather than mouth-blast a child then spend 20 minutes getting dressed.

Along comes the part of Tommy hearing voices…. I wont say too much here as that will give away the whole film, but there are some scenes with Tommy that you have to see. It will leave you wondering if their house is haunted or he has deep psychological issues. Either way you look at it, the film will leave an impression on you.

A well done short film (18 minutes), on a very modest budget, this was quite enjoyable to watch. I would have given this film a higher rating, but had to deduct a few points due to the bad acting of the role of the mother.

VerdictHome Alone without the Wet Bandits

My Rating: 6 out of 10.

C.A.Milson is an award winning horror author of 4 books (and counting); Founder of ASJ Publishing, and seldom film producer. He resides in Melbourne, Australia and likes to spend his time in his backyard hobbyfarm of 13 chooks, and draws inspiration from the horrors that lay in wait in the darkness. C.A.Milson can be found at: and:


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