Meet Writer Pembroke Sinclair, #104

Jessica Robinson 2 BWOur featured author this week is Pembroke Sinclair. She is an author who enjoys writing zombie fiction and likes creating fantastic worlds and memorable characters. She is also a member of the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers and is on a committee to create membership criteria for iPAL, which is a sister group to the Published Authors Liaison group and focuses on independent and self-published authors.

This week, Pembroke Sinclair shares with us her story, “Silver Plantation”. It is the story of a man who feels he was wronged by the woman he loved, so he takes her and her new boyfriend to his plantation house to kill them.

So, let’s get to know Pembroke.

HA: What is your most recent work for sale and what is it about?

Pembroke: My most recent work, although it’s not for sale yet, is a nonfiction book about zombies called Undead Obsessed: Finding Meaning in Zombies. Using film, literature, and interviews with experts, it examines how zombies portray real-world fears such as epidemics, mind control, what may or may not exist in space, the repercussions of playing God, and the science behind the fears.

HA: What was the spookiest night of your life?

Pembroke: I used to date this guy who lived in a basement apartment. I always had horrific nightmares when I stayed there, and the upstairs neighbors had told us stories about a ghost that haunted the place. One night, I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a large shadowy figure right outside the doorway. I closed my eyes and told myself it wasn’t there, and when I opened them again, it was crouching next to the bed right in front of me.


The-Appeal-of-Evil-HRHA: How do you create stories and what is in your writers tool kit?

Pembroke: I use both pen/paper and a computer. It all depends on where I’m at and what is available. I don’t really have a writer’s tool kit. With a family and a full-time job, I squeeze writing in wherever, whenever I can!

HA: Who is one person you’d like to meet, living or dead?

Pembroke: Only one? There are so many people I would like to meet. At the moment, I would have to say it would be George Romero. I think an interview with him would be awesome for my nonfiction book.

HA: What is your favorite horror flick?

Pembroke: Aliens

HA: If you were to battle a hoard of zombies, who would be your dream team fighting next to you?

Pembroke: Robocop, some Terminators, the Predator, Ripley, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. We would totally kick some zombie ass!

HA: Where can Horror Addicts chat with you?

Pembroke: Facebook, and I’m on there under Jessica Robinson/Pembroke Sinclair.

Thank you, Pembroke for the chance to check out your work. Listen to her story on #104 of and to find out more about her, go to:

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