7 Halloween Costume Blunders to Avoid

Costuming is all about being prepared. Here are some tips from our costume blunders over the years.

  1. If you are going to cover yourself with liquid latex, shave any air in the area and have all other hair tied up and protected. Very painful trying to get it off later.
  2. Never leave home without touch-up makeup. Nothing worse than being at a party and realizing your makeup is messed up half-way through with nothing to fix it with.
  3. To avoid nip slip, wear a nude strapless bra and underwear under mummy bandages. The bandages WILL slip. Don’t let yourself become the victim of this costume’s faults.
  4. If you are going to wear prosthetics, eat BEFORE you go to the party. A lot of these attachables make it hard to enjoy food and drink.
  5. Horns that are supposed to be applied with adhesive, should be applied with adhesive. I once used the squeezable horn to “suction” it on my forehead and after 8 hours of work, the “sucking” process had created real horns on my forehead out of my own skin and blood. It sounds cool, it isn’t. Incredibly painful.
  6. If you are going as Bride of Frankenstein, use a base or fake hair to help construct the hair tower so that you don’t have to tease all of your hair. Painful to brush out later.
  7. It’s always better to make costumes from real clothes and makeup rather than polyester costumes and greasy clown makeup. Do your best with what you have, it will appear more authentic. Halloween stores are great for accessories like striped socks, hair attachments, or jewelry.

Do you have any costume tips? Any horror stories to help others avoid? Please share below.

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