Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Addicts!

We hope you are enjoying the season.
Here’s a refresh for all of you who want to play the Finale at your parties!

Halloween Special! #110

And from all of us at HorrorAddicts.net, have a happy, safe, and scary Halloween!

~Emz, Horror Hostess



Happy Halloween Darlings! Thank you for your loyalty to HorrorAddicts.net. ~Dawn Wood


Horror on TV, pumpkins glowing on doorsteps, people dressing up to scare their friends. Halloween comes only once a year, but don’t let the spirit die. Keep watching horror movies, reading horror novels, and most important keep checking HorrorAddicts.net where it’s Halloween all year long. Have a great one and stay spooky. ~ David Watson


Festive Fall Flights of Fancies to you my Precious Addicts. Stay Beautiful throughout the season! Remember the motto: Too Spoopy to Live, Too Creppy to Die! ~ Mimielle


Thank you for all your comments and stay spooky but safe this Halloween! Macabre tidings, Kbatz


Happly Halloween, everyone! Here’s hoping your holiday is full of morbid meals and not-so-tricky treats! Stay safe and stay spooky! ~ Dan Shaurette


Have a Happy Halloween, and let the bed bugs bite addicts! ~ Marc Vale

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