Free Fiction Friday: Michael Lee Johnson

Spirits of the Schizophrenic Dead

By Michael Lee Johnson

I am linked to the spirit world

by my own choice, character;

I connect with these people

because I thought they were lonely.

I use simple, plain language like you would understand.

I toss gold coins around their houses,

hear tinny sounds jumping out of the walls

screaming at me with human voices.

They say back to me that I was within their walls.

I tell them they are crazy.

My life is leading into the spirits of walking dead.

I am linked to the spirit world.

This night, in front of my cottage,

I toss my evening cape and all my

vampire clothing into the ocean.

I grab all my cassette tapes, the ones

I talk to them with, my poems, my dreams my nightmares-

toss them all into the ocean tonight at once,

waves belch.

I feel like a crossword puzzle,

parts missing my words,

jackhammer pounding my skeleton face.

But, now I am no longer haunted by a dictionary of the past,

my therapist is now my best friend.

We take photographs of each other,

we share them with no one.

I’m alive, but lonely, and enjoy the taste of bagels.

I touch them and they feel secure, safe within me.

Speakers of spirit world silence.




Michael Lee Johnson lived ten years in Canada during the Vietnam era: now known as the Illinois poet, from Itasca, IL. Today he is a poet, freelance writer, photographer who experiments with poetography (blending poetry with photography), and small business owner in Itasca, Illinois, who has been published in more than 750 small press magazines in 27 countries, he edits 9 poetry sites. Michael is the author of The Lost American: “From Exile to Freedom”, several chapbooks of poetry, including “From Which Place the Morning Rises” and “Challenge of Night and Day”, and “Chicago Poems”. He also has over 71 poetry videos on YouTube. Find out more at:

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