December HAUNTINGS Month

mansion-header (1)December is HAUNTINGS month here at Have you ever seen a ghost? What about hearing footsteps when no one is there? Possibly you’ve just FELT like someone was there when you were the only one in the house?

This month we will be exploring HAUNTINGS, both true and fictional. We’ll be talking to Paranormal Investigators and about Haunted Locations you can visit. Please send any haunting stories you would like to share to:

I’ve seen and felt many things during my life, but the one location that sticks with me the most is a church we used to go to in Cheyenne, Wyoming. As the child of a minister, I spent many hours hanging out in the halls of various churches. This particular church I spent more time in because we were the blizzard shelter for the area. I even had my own little hide out in the office area with sleeping bag, pillows, and my trusty stuffed seal named Softy. Me and Softy used to curl up and sleep to the sounds of people being fed and sheltered a couple of doors away.

I’m not sure of the church history, I was only 6 at the time, but the place had more “creepy” energy than any other place I’ve ever been. Sure, I was young so some of that came with the fear of being alone in a large building when my parents were doing other things, but I witnessed several hauntings.

woman-in-black-6Once, when they were decorating the stage for a play, I watched as several of the church men set up a large wooden set with holes cut out at varying heights. In the play, actors would stick their heads out of the holes and say jokes or sing (kinda like Laugh-in). After the sets were all up, the actors tried it out, popping in and out of the holes like they would later during the play. I laid on one of the pews and watched. When I woke up in the same position a hour later, everyone was gone. The stage was still lit, but all the adults had gone home. My mother called me and said I had five minutes till we would leave. I sat up, grabbed Softy, and started for the foyer. Hearing something behind me, I looked back and saw a couple of kids playing with the sets. They were sticking their heads in and out of the different holes and making funny faces. Mom called from the door and said we were locking up.

“But what about the kids playing on stage?” I asked.

“What kids? Everyone is gone,” she said.

I looked back and there were no kids. Mom and I investigated the stage, but still found no one around.

That wasn’t the last time I saw kids in the church and the most terrifying one was a girl in a yellow dress that had a red bloody ring around her neck. I was never really frightened by the ghosts in the church, but remembering the happy girl motioning for me to follow sends chills up my spine today. I’m sure my parents thought I was just being an imaginative six-year-old, but as I got older and have experienced other occurrences of the supernatural, I realize that church was definitely haunted.


But what are hauntings? Are they ghosts trapped between the worlds? Are they simply imprints of previous events? Are they demons or evil creatures playing with our minds? What do you think?

10 thoughts on “December HAUNTINGS Month

  1. My theory on ghosts is that they are imprints of previous events because most accounts that I’ve heard of they don’t interact with the living. I also think that in order to see ghosts you have to be in a certain mind set if that makes sense. If you don’t believe you won’t see them.


    • Yes, I agree you have to be in the right mindset. You also have to be open to it or sensitive to it. There is a house that I know about where every single couple that has lived there has broken up and illnesses started. There is no mold or carbon dioxide issues… but then a man with 3 boys moved it… and they felt nothing. They are all still well and nothing bad happened. But since other couples have moved in, the issues have started again.


      • Interesting, I wonder if everyone that moved in knew the history. Stories like this fascinate me but I still call myself a skeptic.


  2. ‘Hauntings’ can be caused by many different types of manifestations. Some are no more than residual energy of past lives or in some cases even past experiences of the living. Some can be be caused by elementals, some by the dead that haven’t moved on, and some by evil entities. Some can even be unconsciouly projected energy from the living. It just depends on the situation.


    • I agree. There are many different ways something can be “haunted”. If they are interacting with you, then they can’t be an imprint, but sometimes the imprints are more interesting.


  3. To your final question. All of the above is my opinion. I believe in everything from residual hauntings (imprints), to spirits that remain (intelligent haunts), to the much more sinister and diabolical (demonic possession of people, places, and things).


    • Yes, it’s hard to pin them all down to one category because they are each so different. Thank you for your comment! I hope you enjoy the ghost experiences we have posted this month.


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