Movie Review: The Pact

Live Action Reviews!
by Crystal Connor


220px-The-pact-posterAfter being blown away watching At The Devils Door, Crystal Connor scoured the earth (well the Internet) to find anything else by this director. Finding The Pact on Netflix, wrapped in a fleece blanket, seated in front of the fireplace picked up her remote and clicked play.  For the next two hours her neighbors were subjected to screaming, crying, and expletive outburst…

This is the unedited journal chronicling the harrowing experience her neighbors were forced to endure as she watched, Nicholas McCarthy’s 2012 The Pact

Reader discretion is Advised

Entry 1: No! Don’t go look, get out and call the police, let them look, that’s their fucking job.

Entry 2: See, what I did I just tell you.

Entry 3: Don’t you open that fucking door…ooooh I hate you!

Entry 4: If you feel the need to whisper when talking to yourself when alone that might mean its time for you to get out of the house

Entry 5: OMFG you left the baby in the house, you have to go back!

Entry 6: I like this cop

Entry 7: My God what a kick ass dream sequence =D

Entry 8: Because it’s unbelievable

Entry 9: Are they in a crack house?!!

Entry 10: She’s blind

Entry 11: Really?! Your flashlight doesn’t work…

Entry 12: He did not just hit her in the face…wow

Entry 13: It’s your mom, I bet you anything.

Entry 14: Whoa I didn’t see that coming

Entry 15: I kinda like this creepy little emo girl

Entry 16: Really, a fucking Ouija board? Fucking dumb ass

Entry 17: Don’t you dare fucking scream

Entry 18: lol..he tied her up by her hair. Dude.

Entry 19: Where’s the little girl?

Entry 20: Ok, there she is

Plotline: As a woman struggles to come to grips with her past in the wake of her mother’s death, an unsettling presence emerges in her childhood home.

 Scariness Factor: I am going to give this one a 3 out of 5

 Gore Factor:  N/A this is an atmospheric film with a healthy side order of jump scares

High Points: I really liked the pacing but the movie doesn’t start to get really, really good until toward the end when things started to be revealed. I also liked all of the characters, I think my favorite one is the dark haired girl you see in the trailer who can commutate with the ‘other world’

Complaints: There not complaints, more like annoyances, but because there’s not that many it’s not worth mentioning.

Overall: I think watching horror movies should be an ‘interactive’ activity (which is why I watch them alone) and the more I yell at the people on the screen the more fun I’m having. I’m a tough customer and I can be pretty unforgiving when it comes to the myopic way in which I prefer to be entertained.

With 20 entries this was a descent movie but nowhere as good as At The Devil’s Door (link to the review below). This version was born from the short of the same name that premiered at as an official selection of the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and in my opinion is a stronger piece than the full feature film. The is a part two to this movie but I don’t plan on watching it.

Stars: 3 starts

Where I watched it :Netflix



Washington State native Crystal Connor has been terrorizing readers since before Jr. high School and loves anything to do with monsters, bad guys, rogue scientific experiments, jewelry, sky-high high heel shoes & unreasonably priced hang bags. She is also considering changing her professional title to ‘dramatization specialist’ because it’s so much more theatrical than being just a mere drama queen. Crystal’s latest projects can be found both on her blog and Facebook fan page at: /

4 thoughts on “Movie Review: The Pact

  1. I liked this one and it’s on my list to watch while off for the holidays. I think a second viewing will give me more. Some of it, near the end, felt rushed and there was a lot of info coming in. but I liked the atmosphere.
    I watched At The Devil’s Door because of your recommendation and really liked it.
    Some others I’ll be watching, some new some repeats – Don’t Blink, Aberration, Devil, Vanishing on 7th Street, Storage 24, and an oldie but goodie, Nomads, with Pierce Brosnan.


    • I am so glad you like The Devil’s Door! Vanishing on 7th street is really a hidden gem and Storage 24 was a blast. Thanks so much for hanging out here at Horror Addicts, I’ll have some more movie reviews for you guys real soon. Merry Christmas!


  2. I’ve come to actually really like the Pact. It has an excellent atmosphere and they made that ordinary suburban house really creepy. I didn’t find it annoying the way I find some films – where characters do really stupid things. I thought the protagonist acted the way I would have in similar circumstances. I’ve recommended this film to a lot of people.


    • The fact that she wasn’t stupid was refreshing and I’ve recommended this movie as well, but after watching The Devil’s door and the short of The Pact I was expecting something else. Thanks so much for the awesome feedback =D Merry Christmas !


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