Free Fiction Friday: Dracula’s Dilemma by Dean Farnell

Dracula’s Dilemma

A Poem by Dean Farnell

Dracula attended the local dance

He wanted a girl and takes a chance

He nibbles her neck to woo his mate

The girl got wise and he bites too late.


Dracula’s night Is a complete disaster

He’s so used to being a passion master

His charm and poise to claim a lover

Came to an end when she blew his cover.


In his quest for blood he becomes more mellow

He throws his cape round a nice young fellow

Excuse me chap I’m not being rude

If I can’t get a girl then you will do.


deanDean Farnell writes quirky songs, & poetry, mainly paranormal / horror themed as a bit of fun. The songs are recorded in one single take so are raw demos in affect but have still been played on over 600 various radio stations and podcasts all over the world. He currently has 8 tracks In the TuneVibe Top 1000 Indie Chart top 10 including a number one record which has been there for over a year. His poems have been published in Paranormal /Horror mags which include: SCREAM MAGAZINE, TREMBLES MAGAZINE, THE WHITE CROW MAGAZINE, SNM POETRY, DAILY DOSE OF HORROR, SPOOK CITY, GHOST VOICES MAGAZINE, HEARSE-SAY MAGAZINE, BLACK PETAL, and DEAD OF NIGHT TALES. One of his songs titled “Ghost On The Stairs” is mentioned in the book “Rock & Roll Ghost Stories”. One Track “Friday The 13th” has been played on BBC Radio. Angie Bowie (David Bowies Wife) , & Karl Beattie of Living TV & Most Haunted , have all commented how much they have enjoyed his songs. The songs are available on itunes, Tesco, amazon, and Songcast.

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