Press Release: Crystal Lake Publishing is Looking For Writers


Are you an author with a new book coming out soon?Are you a reader who enjoys reading about the journey authors go through, or the deeper meanings behind upcoming books?

Whether it’s a novel, novella, short story collection, poetry collection, or non-fiction book in any of the following Dark Fiction categories: horror, suspense thrillers, fantasy, action adventure, sci-fi (no space operas, please), supernatural, or noir.

Contact Us: Crystal Lake Publishing


We’re looking for Dark Fiction authors to tell us more about the deeper meanings of their upcoming releases. To share the personal journeys they went through while writing said book.Crystal Lake Publishing creates a promotional opportunity for Dark Fiction authors, while offering readers a glimpse into the minds and journeys of authors.

This is a great promotional opportunity for authors, and an optimal opportunity for readers to discover authors they can connect with.

So if you have an upcoming release, pitch us your The Deep End idea, and if we like what we see, we’ll contact you about writing it. The post will go up on our Beneath the Lake blog on or near the day of your book’s release (we’re open to your preferences), and we’ll help promote your release. Self-published books are accepted.

Be sure to read further guidelines on our website.









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