Vix Kirkpatrick – Celebrating Women in Horror 2015

Women In Horror 2015

Today we welcome a very talented and dedicated lady to the Celebration of Women 2015 blog spotlight.  Vix Kirkpatrick lives in the UK, has a more than full-time position managing a nursing staff, and manages to review close to a book at week!  How does she do eeeeet?

On her blog, she says, “I love the horror genre, but must be well written even if Bmovie style! also enjoy sci-fi, comedy, thrillers, biographies and some weird stuff.”

Vix Kirkpatrick - Horror Book Reviewer - What Does the Fluffy Red Fox Say?

We all should fit right in with this awesome lady!  An animal advocate and a fierce lover, please welcome The Fluffy Red Fox!

As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?

Marine Biologist – am still very much “in-love” with animals and work hard at campaigns to stop animal abuse. But clearly that is not my life, being a teenager got in the way!!

When did you start reviewing books and how did you gravitate to the horror genre?

I have loved the horror genre since my dad gave me a SK book to read way, way, WAY before I should have done (The Stand, I think!) and I was entranced. I love the way horror makes me think and feel, I really enjoy the goosebump feeling and being shivery on a warm sunny day!

Reviewing books? We went on a cruise in Nov 2010 and a chap on there was wowing everyone with his new gadget; a Kindle. I wanted one for my Bday in Dec and got it!! I was amazed with the comments function and opened up to the world of ebooks, amazon and reviews. I was lucky enough to come across a horror bundle and Joe McKinney was my first ever (very badly written) review, my second was Mark Tufo and his acclaimed Zombie Fallout series!

I am very proud to say that I actually MET both authors at the WHC in 2014, amongst many others, but meeting Mark Tufo made me tongue tied to say the least!

About how many books a month do you review?

I am for 1 a week! Sometimes more, often less due to work and family commitments.

Mind Boggling!

What three items of advice would you give to writers just starting out? Things to avoid in their writing?

Poor grammar and spelling – it really slows and distracts from the reading, even if it’s an amazing story.
Continuity errors – they drive me wild! Often a simple read through is all that’s needed.
Don’t be arrogant – you may well be the best author ever with the wildest, most original stories but if you upset your readers or those that might help you promote by being rude, arrogant, selfish etc then you will get nowhere.

Awesome Advice! 🙂

What about the horror genre interests you? What disgusts you?

I will NOT read about animal abuse, I have stopped reading several stories because they have “gone there”.

I really enjoy how diverse horror is! The list goes on and on; supernatural critters, serial killers, spooky houses, erotic thrillers, comedic horror, if you can think it someone has written a horror version of it!

What was a time in your life when you were really scared?

I was on the tube train next to the tunnel where the 7/7 bomb went off, whilst I was scared it was the terror and panic of others that scared me more.

Vix Kirkpatrick and Jaime Johnesse at World Horror Convention 2014Tell me about one of your most favorite books that you had the pleasure of reviewing. What did you like most about it?

I really love the comedy horror sub-set. Authors seem to have such fun with it such as Bob The Zombie by Jaime Johnesse, That Ghoul Ava by Todd Brown or even Tim by Mark Tufo.
That said a wonderful British author called Iain Rob Wright put my “name” into one of his books (Sea Sick) and I was so chuffed I really enjoyed writing that review (and reading the book!) since then I have been graced by a few other authors who like to kill “me” off, I get a real kick out of that!!

I’ve got a spot for you in my next novel, missy!! 😉

What is one stereotype about horror writers is absolutely wrong? What one stereotype is dead on?

Wrong – they are all weird, goth hermits! Spot-on – they are all crazy!!

Keep Calm and Rock Out!Tell me how you feel being a woman has either enhanced or hindered your Horror book review career.

Erm. I never really thought about my gender affected my reading or my reviewing! But I have found that the comradery in the female horror community (online) is fierce, loyal and totally fun!

We Do Rock the Joint from Time to Time!

And of course … my signature question – What is something that truly frightens you and how do you deal with it?

Spiders are my only fear! Lori R. Lopes wrote (and illustrated) a book called The Fairy Fly – it changed how I see spiders, am not over my fear but I do stop for 5 seconds before I start screaming and doing a Hong Kong Phooey display.

Thank you, Vix for stopping by and chatting with us today!  It has been such a pleasure and we look forward to many more of your book reviews. 🙂 Have a question for Vix?  Please stop by and give her a shout out.


5 thoughts on “Vix Kirkpatrick – Celebrating Women in Horror 2015

  1. Terrific interview, Killion and Vix!! It’s always fun to read what you have to say, Vix, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do. Checking the link to your blog on items related to my name touched me as well as reminded me of all your support! You are one special and foxy lady of Horror! ❤


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