Mimielle says “March is the Month for Madness!”

No, no, no, not THAT March Madness!


Madness, insanity, craziness (the bad kind) is still very much a taboo in polite society.  We haven’t <quite> medicated it completely away yet, so it is something still misunderstood and feared in the real world, fair game to be used as one of the seeds of fear that are often at the heart of a good creepy story, a haunting piece of music or hidden in the brushstrokes waiting for an artist’s vision to set it free.


The Scream by Edvard Munch, 1893, National Gallery, Oslo, Norway


BUT…When we think about madness in a blog by Horror fans to amuse OTHER Horror fans, maybe the current sober and modern terms just simply do not apply.
We are in it for the thrills after all…right? RIGHT!! So give your political correctness a lovely sleeping pill and come revel and indulge with us in a little playful MADNESS this month!

SO…What first comes to mind?

Mad Scientists lurking in their labs, creating creatures or even maybe transforming themselves?
Mad Tea Parties with magical creatures?
Mad killers afoot under the Spring Moon?
Madwomen locked up and lurking in the attic?
Mad Girls escaping from Asylums?
Mad dogs slavering under the porch?


Forbidden food and drink are said to induce madnesses of several varieties…


…and also exposing oneself to the light of the moon.


All of these and more will be fair game this month, from sneak-peeks at films to favorite characters listed and accounted for, and of course always the stories rounded up to be told and re-told in hushed tones by candlelight…
After all, who doesn’t fear madness at least a little…and what we fear, we imagine, and whisper about, even if just in our minds. For those afflicted with the Writing Plague, Madness seems to often conveniently be just around the corner in many instances of  horror literature and film screenplays.


I’ll be lurking in the wings to flit out and taunt you with a few terrifying tidbits I’ve gathered up to titillate you as we wind up to begin our pod-casting season, so stick around and go beautifully MAD with us this month! We’ll have such fun!

Stay Beautiful, Addicts!





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