Nightmare Fuel — Rawhead, The Bloody Bones Man


Hello Addicts,

This week’s Nightmare Fuel comes courtesy of an entity known as Rawhead.  He is described as having a scalped head with blood running down his face, sometimes he has a boar’s face, and other times he is missing all of his skin.  Early renditions of his story have him hiding in dark cupboards, under the basement stairs, or staring at you from between your feet at the edge of your bed.  More recent anecdotal stories have him lying next to you, staring at you with a most gruesome grin.

The origins of the story date as far back as a British nursery rhyme from 1715:

Rawhead and Bloody Bones
Steals naughty children from their homes,
Takes them to his dirty den,
And they are never seen again.

Another version of his story is found in old legends about a conjuring woman named Old Betty and her friend, a wild boar hog named Rawhead.  The story goes that a hunter killed the hog, and when the old woman found this out, she sics the spirit of her friend on the man.  Clive Barker used this particular incarnation of Rawhead in his movie, “Rawhead Rex”.

There are still reports of people who believe they’ve seen Rawhead, The Bloody Bones Man to this day.  Is he a legend based on fact, a fictional creature made real by people’s belief in him, or the product of overactive imaginations?  I’ll let you be the judge, but let me leave you with this one word of caution…

When your sleep is disturbed tonight by someone climbing into bed with you, don’t be surprised to find a bloody skull staring back at you instead of your spouse or significant other.

We’ll see you next time with some more fuel for your nightmares and dark imaginations.

Donald “D.J.” Pitsiladis

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