Book Review — “The Prince of the Earth” by Mike Robinson

Hello Addicts,

Today I review for you “The Prince of the Earth” by Mike Robinson.  The story takes place in two different periods of a woman’s life twenty years apart.  In 1988, Quincy Redding took a solo expedition into the Cairngorm mountains of Scotland looking for a challenge before marriage and for the legendary Grey Man of Ben Macdui pass.  After befriending some of the local villagers, she ventures out to the pass.  After several days of travel, she arrives at her destination.  When she awakes the next morning, she is missing a foot and hears the childlike voice of The Prince who tries everything he can to coax her out of her tent so they can play.  While this game of cat and mouse plays out, we are also shown Quincy in 2008 trying to deal with the return of The Prince to her life.  This time, what he removes are the very people she loves and holds dear.  What begins as the erasure of her youngest brother spreads to her father, her son, and even her husband before she gets a chance to face the being down and sees what he is truly capable of.

This book definitely has an H.P. Lovecraft Elder Gods feel to it.  You feel sorry for Quincy in each timeline as her story progresses, especially when it comes to the scenes involving her older brother and the stuff her puts her through as well.  While I liked the tale, I did find some parts a bit confusing, especially towards the end when it became more difficult to tell the difference between the two eras.  There is also the beginning, when Quincy is afraid that The Prince has returned, but doesn’t really offer any reasons why she thinks that.  All in all, it was a good read, but might not be for all readers.  I rate it a 3 out of 5.

Until next time….

Donald “D.J.” Pitsiladis


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