Press Release: Kardiac releases The County Road Cover Up

KARDIAC-Video_Fangoria-Debut-flyer-1024x576 is currently showing Kardiac’s 10 minute short film: The Country Road Cover Up. The story is about a man that suffers from mutable personality disorder and sometimes see things that aren’t there. He has an overly protective rage about his own farmland.
Throughout the course of the film things only get darker,gory & bizarre. If your into movies like high tension and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, this film has a bit of those combined into one with a totally original story in itself. You can see it by clicking here.


KARDIAC_PosterFrom Upstate Middletown, New York staggers one of the most controversial artists known to the underground, “KARDIAC.” He has been releasing music and beat production for well over a decade all the while enhancing his own company, “KARDIAC Music,” with his other talents, such as graphic design and film.


Prescription for Death” (2002)

Songs Only a Mother Can Love” (2004)

The 5 Myrtle Massacre” (2005)

Gifts of Blood” (2011)

The Afternoon of Extravagant Delight” (2011)

Dumpster Diving Vol: 1” (2011)

Sleep Deprivation” (2013)

Gifts of Blood Two” (2014)

Over the years, KARDIAC has also been involved in several group project album releases of which he published himself. It was in 2011, when he came back strong with his 4th solo album release, “The Afternoon of Extravagant Delight,” as he broadcast his very first professional music video, “The Nest.” That album took a different and out of the ordinary approach from the monotonous style that rap had to offer at the time. KARDIAC has appeared on radio stations in New York, and also performed all over the United States opening for many major artists in the underground industry.

In 2012, KARDIAC began creating his own official videos and commercials. This includes: video production, video editing, special effects, and film scoring. He has since released a few album release promotional commercials. For his December 2013 album, “Sleep Deprivation,” he showcased his first independently produced official music video for the track entitled “It’s Hard to Keep a Secret.”

For more information, please visit:


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