Guest Blog Post: Ezra Barany

This Weekend Only: The Insidious: Chapter 3 – Into the Further 4D Experience


Ezra Barany

Excited to see Insidious: Chapter 3? For those privileged few, you can get a feel for the horror film before it comes out. I’m not just talking about the movie preview, I’m talking about a full sensory experience, a kind of walk-through-a-haunted-house experience, the kind of experience where you need to sign a waiver first in case the evil inside kills you.

Insidious-Chapter-3-poster-1-570x805On the outside, the Into the Further 4D Experience “ride” is an innocent-looking truck trailer with the Insidious 3 logo written on the side. But honestly, after seeing the scary film Joy Ride, when are trailer trucks ever innocent?

Step up to the truck trailer and let the cheerful attendants guide you in with some instructions on what you need to do. Meanwhile, your buildup of fear scientifically cancels out your attention span so as you enter you ask yourself, “What door in the hallway was I supposed to walk through?”

How is it a full sensory experience? The ride starts by entering the side of the trailer which actually looks much more like the front door of the Lambert family’s new home. You’re inside with no turning back. Surrounded by what was once cheerful antique decoration, now just a reminder of the dead, you walk down the halls of the haunted home, followed by a ghostly presence. Escape into a bathroom and get locked in. Wait for an assistant to seat you in the living room and place a headset over your eyes and ears, much like the gas mask stored over the mannequin. This headset, a virtual reality Oculus Rift, provides a similar experience to the gas mask in the movie. Through sensory deprivation, you get a better connection to The Further, where the old woman doesn’t mince words about your predicament: The dead want your soul, and they’re coming.

Bummer. I was planning on using my soul for, say, the rest of my life.

With the virtual reality headset, I wasn’t confined to looking at one screen, I could hear a clamoring out of view, turn my head, and see an entire set of silverware flung at me by ghostly forces. I got the pleasure of seeing the ghosts all around me close in and the red-faced demon kill me.

Know what? Getting killed sucks. Now I’m just a soulless shell of a person.

Good thing for the attendants that they had me sign that waiver. I now understand that this free “ride” is just a ruse to collect souls across the nation. The cheerful attendants are only cheerful because they’re saying to themselves, “Thanks for giving us your soul.”

The Insidious Chapter 3 – Into the Further 4D experience is traveling through different cities. They’re collecting souls in San Francisco, May 23-24, then in Dallas, May 29-31, then in LA, June 5, opening day.

If you want a literally life-changing experience, check it out!


Ezra Barany started his career of freaking out readers with his suspense and thriller stories in college. In March 2011, Ezra unleashed his first novel The Torah Codes, which became an award-winning international bestseller. In his free time, he writes mushy love songs inspired by his wife and award-winning novelist Beth Barany. Ezra is also a physics teacher who tortures students with superposition, making them both alive and dead at the same time until someone looks at them. He lives in Oakland with his beloved wife and two cats working on his next book in The Torah Codes series. Ezra, not the cats.

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