Wicked Women Writers and Masters of Macabre Challenges

writeorgetthehellThis year, we at HorrorAddicts.net made the challenge to be the Most Wicked or Master of Macabre quite tough. So tough, in fact, that only four people could handle the challenge.

mmmwhoNot only was each contestant given a tarot card from the Major Arcana and a supernatural/evil being, but they also had to incorporate at least two different reader voices in their production. This audiodrama style is not for everyone, to be sure, but the challenges that came to the applicants became too much for some and they perished on the road to success. Sure, there may have been blood, and tears, but our final four have scraped their way to the top of the heap! They now stand ready to be judged by you, the listeners and readers of HorrorAddicts.net.


Jaq D Hawkins is a published writer with 10 books in publication in the Mind, Body, Spirit genre published by Capall Bann Publishing, as well as four Fantasy novels in print and E-book; The Wake of the Dragon, Dance of the Goblins, Demoniac Dance, and, Power of the Dance, published by Golbin Publishing. A combined book of the Goblin Trilogy has just been released and a science fiction project is currently in progress. Information on all titles can be found through her website at http://www.jaqdhawkins.co.uk

Shamica Richardson would love to challenge herself by taking part in our contest to see how far she can take her creative writing. This is her first time entering such a competition and first time making an audio file.


Rish Outfield: Writer and podcaster Rish Outfield has entered (and lost) the Masters of the Macabre contest four years running.  He hopes he is up to making it five for five.

Sean Young is a writer, voice actor and boardgame designer. He appears as the voice of Dr. Harry Pratt in Dan Shaurette’s Audio Drama “Black Jack”. He also writes, produces and performs most of the characters of his own High Fantasy/Dark Humor Audio Drama “The Epic Adventurers!” on https://soundcloud.com/skeletonproductions

These stories will air June 27th, for your listening (and voting) pleasure. Stay tuned to HorrorAddicts.net for the spooky sounds!
The print stories will also be available on our blog for those of you more inclined to read.


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