Wicked Women Challenge #2: Winter Love

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Act I.
Why are you wearing that? You look silly wearing those clothes. It’s sunny and warm, out here in the woods.

What’s wrong with my clothes? I thought I look cute, like the dress you are wearing. You look good in white by the way.

Hmmm…thank you. (You’re welcome) And you do, too! But don’t you feel warm in that outfit?

No! I feel just fine. But, now… Now, I don’t like it. I think I feel “unattractive”.

Unattractive? No, you look adorable, sweetheart!

Am I? I thought I looked silly? That’s why I said unattractive. You did call me silly, right?

No, not silly as in looking goofy, but silly as in looking adorable. Like a puppy with a Christmas sweater on…

Why? Because I am wearing a sweater and corduroy pants! That’s why I look adorable like a puppy?

Yeah…! Because the last time I saw you in these clothes was during…

Our first encounter….?

Has it been six months we’ve been together?

Yes… These are the same clothes I had worn that night on the second of December, when we first met.
Aaawww… See what I mean by you being adorable?
That’s why I wore these clothes, as a tribute or a testimony to our fated encounter. I wanted you to know that I love you and that I love every moment that we spend together.
I love you, too.
Come on… follow me. It’s just up ahead, two more miles.
Two more miles? Ugh, and what is so special about this place you are taking me to?
A secret hide away out in the middle of the woods. I hope it becomes our little love nest.
That sounds like fun, just the two of us.
And during the winter time, it becomes magical.
Jaa, it holds many precious memories for me. Every time, I come here. Something magical happens and I remember everything.
So, we are coming here to make special memories for us to have later?
No….. Just me. (playful slap)

Act II PART 1.
Just two more months, ladies! And then I am off for a month on vacation, in the woods, staying in a quaint cabin and with my boyfriend. I can’t wait, girls.
I can only imagine what the two of you are going to be doing up there in that cabin.
Probably, banging each other like jack rabbits out in the woods.
Or strip down naked and howl to the moon.
{Howl} {More Laughter}
Okay, calm down… calm down. You girls are making a spectacle of yourselves.
Not like how you two are going to make a spectacle of yourselves in that cabin!
{Nervous Laughter} You told them!?
Honey, I didn’t think that it would be a problem.
Did you tell them where the cabin is?
No, I didn’t!
Hey, calm down. We were just having a laugh.
Can we talk? Alone?
Sure… Excuse us.
Come back when you are finished! We don’t get to hang out much like we used to, before.
That’s because she has a boyfriend to keep her company! Why don’t you two find one of your own to occupy your time?
Hey! (Excuse you!?)
Honey, let’s go somewhere else to talk. Come on… follow me.
Why are you acting like this?
That cabin is a secret! And I don’t want everyone to know about it. Next thing you know everyone will be asking me if they could use it. And then sooner or later I won’t have it for myself like I do now!
Sorry, I didn’t know. Besides, I was just excited about us taking a trip for the two of us. I sacrificed a lot of my free days, Holidays and overtime hours, for this entire year, to spend time with you in that Cabin.
Hey, we were talking and we were wondering when you guys are finished with cabin, can we maybe stay
(No!) Sorry girls, it is just for us two lovers.

Act III.
I love being here with you, with the two of us on this love seat.
Jaa, it’s very nice here…quaint. Where did you get this cabin from?
It’s been in our family for generations, since the Second World War. My family was able to keep it hidden from the Americans. They took my family to a Japanese concentration camp and revoked their privileges and their properties. My father was left alone in this cabin when he was only a little boy. Unfortunately, all of my father’s family members, who were taken, had perished in those camps. My father was only 11 when he was left alone in this cabin. He stayed until he was 18.
How did he survive out here on his own?
He was so scared, but he remembered his family’s tradition and he honored his ancestors. He told me: “It was them, who kept him…well and safe from the Americans.”
Then why are you letting me see it?
It holds very special meaning to me… Like our love.
Then I shall build a shrine to honor our love.
True, and may it last forever.
Yes, don’t you want our love to last forever?
Well, Jaa… But if it doesn’t then at least we have these beautiful memories.
{Laughter} What’s so funny?
My father used to say that is why this cabin is so special. He was able to hold on to his memories of his family and that is why he was able to survive so long by himself. The beautiful memories, his ancestor kept alive for my father to remember. So, he may not ever feel alone. That is also the reason why he came back here that night.
Because of beautiful memories, is that how he was able to live for so long by himself outside here in the woods?
Yes. The only reason why he left, was because he was told it was time for him to go out into the world and find himself a partner. A lover, who will keep him company and provide him with a family. Children, who will also pass on his ancestor’s legacy and remember them and him, too.
I guess it is typical Japanese not to be forgotten and to be remembered by your loved ones.
I think it is typical Japanese to remember and honor our ancestors, but it is human nature to not be forgotten or left alone. We all like a bit of company.
And a bit of love!
Hmm… that too!

Act IV.
{Ice being poured} I am so cold. I can’t feel my body anymore. It hurts just to move my fingers.
That’s good. The sacrifice is almost complete.
I don’t want to be sacrificed.
Sometimes, as lovers… we gave a part of ourselves in order to receive another part from someone else. We sacrifice parts of our hearts. So, we can be together. You can’t have something without giving something in return. It’s funny that we as humans, our first instinct is to survive. That when it comes down to it… We would do anything necessary to survive, but for love… We would do anything necessary for love, just not to have our hearts broken.
But I gave you my heart.
I know and that’s why I am taking it.
{Scream} Please!!! I am begging you!! Please, don’t do this to me. You are scaring me. Don’t you remember who I am?
Jaa, you are my girlfriend. Of course, I do.
So why are you doing this to me?
Because I have to remember!
My name is not Yuki. I don’t speak Japanese. My parents are English and you told me that you loved me.
I do love you, Yuki! I will always love you, forever! I remember! I will always remember!
No! That’s not my name! Please, remember who I am! We met at a Christmas party on the second of December. We came here to the cabin to celebrate our one year anniversary!
No! It is our twenty second anniversary!
No!! This is our first anniversary. We’ve been together for just one year. Just one year!
We’ve been together longer than that! I have loved you ever since I met you when I was 18 and we fell in love with each other, the moment we laid eyes on each other, on the twenty second of December!
{Scream} Please, stop! I will do anything you want! But please, stop hurting me! This is not you! You are supposed to protect me! Why are you doing this? Aah! Stop, hurting me!
I just want you to remember who you are. Come back to me, Yuki.
Oh God don’t! Don’t do that! I am not her. I AM NOT HER! Please, stop… you are breaking my heart.
No, my love! I will never break your heart in two. I am here to keep my promise to you and honor our tradition.
Tradition? What tradition? We don’t have a tradition! I thought we were making beautiful memories.
Jaa, we always do have beautiful memories and we do have a tradition! The tradition of keeping our love alive and lasting forever!

[My love, remember me. Never forget me]

{Sobbing and shivering}

I can never forget you, Yuki. I will always love you. I didn’t mean for this to happen. I didn’t know what I was doing. Please, forgive me.

[I am so cold and so alone without you]

I didn’t know what I was doing! I promise I will never do that again. I will never leave you

[You promised me. You said ‘FOREVER’. You said: We will be together, forever!!]

It was just a slip up! I wasn’t thinking and I messed up. You know I would never do that again! I didn’t mean to hurt you and I will never do it again.

[Never leave me alone again. It was so cold in this cabin waiting for you. I waited for you, here and alone by myself. The winter is so harsh and cold as I waited for you to come home to me. Why did you leave me?]

I didn’t mean to leave you. I didn’t mean to leave you alone. It must have been hard for you and you must have suffered a lot, by yourself.

[I never want to be alone again. It was so cold. You left me alone and you promised to love me forever. You said you would always love me, forever.]

Hyperthermia is such a horrible way for you to die from. You must have been so frightened and scared when the generator ran out. You had to choose between walking back to the car and leaving or taking the gas from the car and filling the generator with it. Either way, you were more afraid of losing me than your own survival.

[I will always wait for you]

I should have picked up the phone to tell you that I wasn’t going to make it.

[I will always remember your promises]

I should have come home

[I will always love]

I promise never to leave you again

[Do not be afraid. You will never be alone]

But I am… I am so afraid. I am terrified.

Act VI.
{Sounds of a blizzard}

Wow, it is really storming outside. No wonder why it is getting colder inside?

Jaa, it looks like it is going to be another cold winter.

So, what are you doing here by yourself? Why don’t you come and join us for a drink?

Nah, I don’t want to be A bother.

Why would you think that? You are at a party! The whole point is to socialize. You know… get to know people and have fun.

Jaa, but I am not so good with people. Take for instance, those two girls talking in the corner and making a spectacle of themselves. Besides, they’ve totally forgotten that we know each other. Some impression I must have left not to be remembered. You know… I remember our first introduction.

When was that?

A year ago. When, I first met my ex-girlfriend, but it is all in the past with the rest of my beautiful memories. Not to worry, I am ready to make new ones.

Oh, so I take it that you are ready for that drink?

Jaa, and who wants to be alone for Christmas?

Act VII.
{Flies buzzing}

Another year has gone by and it is our 21 anniversary!

[You remembered me, my love]

I do remember you.

[Do not ever leave me]

I won’t ever leave you.

[I was so cold and scared]

Jaa, me too.

[Stay with me]

You were always terrified of dying alone like your father out here in the woods, in this Cabin. You were the one to find his body, when he didn’t come home.

[I will always wait for you, my love]

I know (sobbing) and that’s what I am afraid of.

{Tears out heart and lays on it on a shrine}


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