MMM Challenge #1: Hungry As Hell

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An audio play by
Sean T. Young

© 2015. All rights reserved.
Master of the Macabre Contest 2015 –
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Skeleton Productions Presents: Hungry as Hell. An audio play by
Sean T. Young.

[MUSIC – UP, FADES out and transforms into the sound of Airraid
siren SFX]
[Each of the soundbites is read by a different voice, with SFX
of switching channels between each]
Central Park has become a sight of total confusion as…
…to our correspondent in Beirut, where ther…
Impossible as this may sound, the Sphinx seems to have
…carnival like atmosphere, quickly become one of terror and
bloodshed as thousands attempte…
…into the streets of the Vatican and torn limb from limb
apparently, from what hundreds of witnesses say, by invisible
creatures. Again, it appears that the Pope has been killed…
…happened, there are police all around us, flames all around us,
rumors of gunfi…
…Paris, London, Berlin, all reporting widespread looting and
rioting as their cities burn…
Honey? Are you hearing all this?
I know the damn Alarm clock has been going off for like five
minutes straight.
Not the Goddamn alarm clock! All the shit on the TV! The whole
world is going crazy!
Master of the Macabre Contest 2015 –
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What? What’s going on?
What’s not! Listen to this.
…Even the National Guard seems hard pressed to turn back the
rioters from, Oh my God!
[SFX of machinegun fire and people screaming]
The troops have begun to open fire on the rioters, hundreds of
people cut down in a matter of seconds, the machine gun fire
does not appear to be letting up. A slaughter of this magnitude
this reporter has never seen, even in a warzone…
[SFX of switching channels]
…as has been previously reported in over 30 cities now, from all
around the world, we see this same creature. It’s sitting upon
what looks like a large stone block that appears to be hovering
in the air, just feet above the ground. This Being, for lack of
a better word, looks like the classic Biblical version of the
Devil. The large Goat head, with curling horns, bat-like wings,
furry legs ending in raptor talons, I cannot think of any other
way to describe this creature, other than the Devil. The block
is being pulled along by a naked man and woman, or perhaps
leading it, each with a chain around their neck connecting to
the block. In the creature’s left hand he holds what looks like
a torch, which instantly ignites anything he touches with it. As
you can clearly see, there is a literal army of hunched, grey
skinned humans following the beast, resembling something out of
a zombie movie. Joining us now in the studio is Arch Bishop
Patrick Flannery to discuss the apocalyptic ramifications of
these world shattering events. Thank you for joining us at this
dark time…
[The TV turns down to background noise at this point]
Master of the Macabre Contest 2015 –
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So… What the hell? Is this Armageddon or something? The devil
seems off to a good start, where are all the angels?
That’s not the Devil, come on.
Really? What the hell are those things then? An Alien invasion
or something?
I don’t know! No one else seems to know either.
Well… fuck, we have to get out of here, get someplace safe, away
from other people, you saw all those riots and shit. It’s not
going to take long before that craziness reaches us. Tom!
Tommy? Get your games and stuff we’re leaving!
[SFX of the front door opening, and an air raid siren blaring in
the background. Tommy is shouting from the front of the house]
Mom, dad! You’ve gotta come outside, there’s all these
spiderwebs up in the sky.
Spiderwebs? What are you talking…about…
Oh, no.
What is all that? Are those planes?
Master of the Macabre Contest 2015 –
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No they’re going too fast for jets, those are ICBMs
Nuclear fucking missiles! What do you think the air raid sirens
are for?
Wow! There’s like a thousand million in the sky! Woohoo!
So what do we do?
(pause) We go outside and watch the fireworks. Tommy? Come back
to your mom and I.
Isn’t that cool, all those airplanes zooming so fast!
[SFX woman sobbing]
Yeah, really cool. In just a few seconds we should see some
really neat fireworks, so big they’ll light up the whole sky.
COOL! Mom, why are you crying?
It’s just because I’m happy. I like fireworks.
This is gonna be the best fireworks show ever!
Master of the Macabre Contest 2015 –
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The show to end all shows.
[SFX of distant explosions and thudding with Tommy reacting to
them as he would a fireworks display. The explosions get closer
and more frequent.]
(Whispering to wife)
Honey, I just want you to know that I Lo-
[All sound is drown out by SFX of an atomic explosion. The
explosion fades and is replaced by the wind whipping across the
wasteland. SFX of shift debris and someone extricating
themselves from it.]
I… survived? How did I live through that? I can breathe okay, I
don’t feel any burns. Got all my limbs… goddam I’m hungry
(chuckling) Man, you didn’t survive shit.
Ah, and now I get to meet you face to face. What should I call
you? Satan? The Devil? Lucifer? Baphomet?
Ooo, Baphomet, most cats don’t even know that one, check you out
with your big brain. Shiiiit, you can call me anything you want.
You can call me Buttercup for all I care.
Well, whatever then, Devil. Sorry to disappoint you, but your, I
assume it was your, nuclear holocaust didn’t kill me. I’m alive
and well thank you, just hungry. Unless you’re going to tell me
I’m dead and this is Hell, which wouldn’t surprise me.
Master of the Macabre Contest 2015 –
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Wha… (Laughs) Well ain’t you a sassy motherfucker! No, this is
not Hell, you’re here on good old planet Earth. You’re gonna
flip your shit when I tell you the truth though.
You? Tell the truth?
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Let’s not go casting aspersions on my
character here, my man! Ain’t no motherfucker ever made a pact
with me that I didn’t hold up my end of the bargain! Just ‘cuz
they get cold feet when they realize their ass is mine when they
die is through no failure on my part.
We’ll stop you, you know. The other survivors and me, we’ll
fight you. And Jesus and the angels are supposed to come and
kick your ass, you know, the whole Armageddon thing?
Oh, no! Oh, what’s that… you hear that sound? That’s the sound
of nothing happening. You see any survivors? I sure don’t.
I don’t believe that.
Hey, baby, I won! There ain’t gonna be a second coming, there’s
no one left! Science destroyed God, and the few left that
believed in god tried to destroy science! It was too easy, baby,
stir up some riots and shit here, make some freaky shit happen
there, technology! TV broadcasts all this shit, mob mentality
takes over, people go apeshit, I whisper a couple of launch
codes in the right ears. BOOM! Even the nukes are politically
correct now, they got neutron bombs. Kills all the people,
leaves most of the buildings intact. Which is good, since we
need those resources.
Master of the Macabre Contest 2015 –
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So why now? Why destroy the world now?
This may be bad for Hell’s marketing department, but we have an
energy shortage. That’s where you and all my ravenous friends
come in.
[SFX of a mob of ghouls sauntering up, chuckling and growling]
Zombies? That’s the best you can do is zombies?
Zombies? (laughs) Zombies suck. They can’t do shit, other than
shamble around and rot and eat brains. Ghouls, on the other
hand, while still undead, do not rot, and are not mindless. They
might go a little crazy after a while, considering the job and
all, but they retain the brain, I like to say. Why do you think
I raised you out of the ashes, to waste my time talking?
That’s right, my friend, welcome to the ghoul army! See, ghouls
are always hungry and they’ll eat any flesh they see, living,
dead, irradiated, diseased, it doesn’t matter! We need those
BTUs back in Hell, we use a lot of power there, and a ghoul that
keeps eating an eating, can keep us powered for a long, long
time. A Ghoul is like a black hole that leads to Hell’s power
plants, best analogy I can think of. We’ve got seven billion
some corpses out there. You can start on what’s left of your
family over there, if you like. So, eat up! I’m glad to hear
that you’re hungry.
[Outro music]

Master of the Macabre Contest 2015 –
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Background music Aythya_G by gis_sweden courtesy of Sound effects courtesy of, with
other explosion effects from
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