Uniting the Internet’s Horrors: The Horror Blogger Alliance


Tonight Kbatz is chatting with Jeremy, Curator for the Horror Blogger Alliance!


When and how did the Horror Blogger Alliance come about? Why start a blog uniting fellow horror enthusiasts?

So many of us in the beginning of our blogging sites based on horror had no direction, hoping that someone would just find us hidden amongst 1000’s of blogs. Originally a brain child of Carl Manes [http://www.ilikehorrormovies.com/] and few other savvy horror site owners came up with this idea to bring us to a home. I was fortunate to have sort of taken over as the founders have moved on with other projects, stopped blogging or had just too much on their plates.

We have recently began adding members back to the command chair as it’s becoming difficult for me to maintain the HBA as I once did. So now new contributors and friends are leading the way into assuring we stick around as long as we can.


The HBA is free and anyone is welcome to join so long as their blog shows their horror love. How many members do you have? Is it difficult to maintain such an extensive database?

We are open to horror/sci-fi and all themes horror yes, though we might need to tighten the “becoming a member” as many people start a blog and don’t know what to do with it. Not having a plan seems to see the newest members die like flies at our feet. Have a plan, make a post a few times a week, don’t make the posts so complicated it’s hard to maintain.

It’s funny in the start no one thought to keep good records; we have over a 1000 members and only a few hundred emails that are organized. We have begun to edit the master lists of members to update, delete and just say hello to our friends. There are good people out there, good people with horror sites we cannot wait to still reach.




You’ve done different contests and fundraisers, including a horror t-shirt donation drive and have now branched out to Twitter and Facebook. What are the rewards of being involved in such scary networking?

Oh it’s been awesome, people have branched out using those media sources like Facebook and Twitter, we in the past had a HBA Facebook page and we forgot it was there and no one knew the access to it. We have started seeing our numbers jump as we post more, though it’s a slow go until the new team is fully ready.

Contests and fundraising are the hardest things to keep up with as once again our restructuring is happening. We had it for awhile to make a $12 a year or $1 a month just to keep up and maintain the site for giveaways. It’s not all gold; many members are in the same boat financially as me… we are all struggling to just be heard. We do have a sweet new design coming, designed by the same person whom made the prior two.


What are the future plans for the Horror Blogger Alliance? Can it grow indefinitely? Do you like the mass possibilities or is being a niche horror community more fun?

Our plan is to keep the doors open and welcome everyone who has the love for Horror to have a home… a place “Where the Monsters Live”




Where can our horror compatriots find the HBA online?

Horror Blogger Alliance


HBA Facebook II


Thanks for chatting with Horror Addicts.net!

Thank you!

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