Ghosts In Bones: Release party and Book Signing

Ghosts in Bones Release Party:

Sunday, August 16
4:00pm – 7:00pm at The Dark Entry:
2589 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley, California 94704
Come celebrate the release of Ghosts in Bones, There WILL be cupcakes.
Sumiko Saulson, deTraci Regula, and Elva Nelson-Hayes will be reading from their books as well.



The main theater of crime in Ghosts in Bones is a forsaken kitchen. It’s where most of the attacks on the body take place. (The body itself is no longer our protagonist, Pallas’s, true home.) It’s complicated because, while our clever and intuitive Pallas may want some mysteries solved, she doesn’t want The Beast, her internal captor, sentenced and gone. She is a possibly- perimenopausal ciswoman, and people wonder why she isn’t over her anorexia yet. It is a misunderstood, stigmatized, and lethal disease against which she has no insurance, so obtaining treatment seems unlikely. The ever-sabotaging beast—her eating disorder personified—is happy about that.

Pallas’s loved ones grow increasingly worried. Her partner, Anatoliy, is her biggest enabler, and her best friend, tattooed cat priestess Audra, isn’t having any of it. Audra, along with Pallas’s outpatient therapist, Tula, are up against a lot-—our protagonist also struggles with PTSD, bipolar disorder, and anxiety. Determined to get her accepted inpatient, Audra and the therapist connect with the desperate mother of another adult anorexic. Will Pallas eventually vanquish her beast?

Serena Toxicat scratches out dark fiction, lyrics, and poetry in English and in French. Her work has appeared in numerous anthologies and has been published by Greenery, Feral House, Les Editions du Rocher, and other presses. She currently lives under the reign of her two cats, Isis (now in spirit) and Selket.


On the surface Pallas is a carefree, creative and beautiful woman. But the ‘beast’ that lurks in her mind tells a different story. ‘Ghosts In Bones’ shares the stark and terrifying truth about living as an adult with an eating disorder. The torrid confusion caused by this debilitating mental illness is evident, and Serena (as Pallas) lays this out with courage and honesty. Despite recent advances in the understanding of eating disorders, it is clear from her suffering and difficulties accessing appropriate treatment with state insurance that so much more needs to be done. This is an eye-opening book.
—Cate Sangster – author of ‘Ed Says U Said‘ and ‘Food to Eat

Ghosts in Bones is a phenomenal and brave story that takes the reader on a journey to the depths of the eating disorder darkness.
—Grace Summer – author of ‘I Will Not Give Up On My Daughter

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