Dawn’s Dark Music Corner: Valentine Wolfe

Horror Addicts Theme Song Winner, Valentine Wolfe- By Dawn Wood

1064283_10151699089713701_864999525_oThis year, Horror Addicts held a contest for the web theme song and Valentine Wolf was the winner. A little more about our winners:

South Carolinians, Braxton Ballew (electric upright bass and electronics) and Sarah Black (vocals and electronics) have been composing for the band since the inception in 2006. They describe their music as “macabre melodies”. Their lyrics to “Darkling, listen off of the Nightingale” are a direct tribute to “Ode to a Nightingale” by John Keats. Their gothic metal music is heavily inspired by all things Victorian, including literature, poetry, history, and even new media (Penny Dreadful anyone?). Their scores have been heard in productions of The Merchant of Venice, The Tempest (Warehouse Theater), The Winter’s Tale (Furman University), and Twelfth Night (The Distracted Globe). 10960163_10153112680488701_3315878540975227806_oBoth hold graduate degrees from the University of Georgia, where they studied electronic composition with Dr. Leonard V. Ball. In addition, Sarah completed her Masters degree in composition studying with Dr. Adrian P. Childs. She currently studies voice with Lisa Barksdale from Furman University. Braxton holds a DMA in Double Bass Performance and has studied with Milton Masciadri, Albert Laszlo, and James Barket. He is the Education Director of the Greenville Symphony Orchestra and a member of the double bass section.


Braxton uses effects to enhance the vast sound scapes from his bass, sounding at times like a cello or violin. He plays an electric upright bass for their gothic metal projects. He loves to push the boundaries of traditional bass playing and create new worlds and soundscapes with his instrument. All of the layers that sound like a guitar or cello or bass are performed with his electric upright bass (currently, an ND Designs CR5M). He runs his sound through a Blackstar amp and a Sansamp Paradriver Di and uses a Boss RC300 looper pedal.


Sarah’s soprano vocals are reminiscent of metal female fronted band: Krypteria and Sirenia



Check them out on the web:

eck them out on the web:




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