Nightmare Fuel — Dyatlov Pass

Hello Addicts!

This week we take a trip to the cold Ural Mountains for a real horrific mystery.  A group of nine Russian skiers led by Igor Dyatlov ventured out for a ski trek across the northern Urals and were forced to make camp on the side of a mountain name Kholat Syakhl, which translates to “Dead Mountain”.  On February 26th, their campsite was found in disarray, The tent the group stayed in was torn out from the inside as if those on the inside needed to get out in a hurry.  Footprints, both barefoot or sock covered led away from the campsite and to the trees where the first two bodies were found near the remnants of a fire.  They wore only socks and underwear, so their cause of death was deemed as hypothermia.  Shortly after, three more bodies were found along the path back toward the campsite, all in the same state of undress, and all frozen to death.  They may have been the lucky ones.

Two months after Soviet authorities came across the campsite, the remaining four hikers were found, and the real mystery began.  Three of the bodies bore injuries one might suffer in a car crash — a fractured skull and chest injuries, but none of them showed any outward signs of injury to coincide with the injuries.  In addition, one of the hikers was missing her eyes, tongue, some of her lips, a portion of her facial tissue, and a fragment of her skull.

Many theories exist to explain what happened, but no one appears to be able to cover all the details of this mystery. The reasons range from an avalanche, to secret government testing, and even UFO’s.  Someday we may find out what actually happened on Death Mountain, but then the question becomes do we want to know?

Until next time Addicts…

D.J. Pitsiladis

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