Musician Profile: Klaas von Karlos

KVK ROJ FRONT WEBIn the last 20 years or so music has become more diversified than ever and there are many different genres and sub-genres of music. One person who has made a name for himself as an electronic and ambient musician is Klaas von Karlos.  Klaas von Karlos is a filmmaker, the frontman of Berlin/NYC based AV collective ReVerse Bullets and founder of the GLITCH performance series. ReVerse Bullets can be described as having a rotating lineup of filmmakers, musicians and visual artists. To me they sound like an industrial, ambient psychedelic movie soundtrack for a dystopian futuristic horror movie.

The 2012 ReVerse Bullets debut, “Drapetomania” garnered awards, screenings, and performances from the MashRome Film Festival and the Bideodromo Experimental Film Festival.  In 2014 Klaas von Karlos released the solo album, “Re†urn of the Jackal” and a collaborative album “Divan Rouge” with Argentinian composer/video artist Ulises Labaronnie. Upcoming projects by Klaas include a new solo release, ReVerse Bullets A/V album, and two collaborative releases.

Listening to Klaas von Karlos music is a little like taking a ride into the unknown. I listened to some of the music that ReVerse Bullets had available on their soundcloud site and thought it ran the spectrum from eerie to psychedelic to something out of a Science Fiction movie. The music is creative and had me thinking up stories that might go along with the sounds that ReVerse Bullets was putting out. For instance the song Bürgeraucracy had me thinking of some campers being lost in a haunted forest surrounded by alien insects while Nü Flesh (DeKnowz Remix) made me think of a town being invaded by steampunk robots in the far off future. Klaas von Karlos music is imaginative and unlike anything else you’ve heard before. This is music that makes you think as it entertains and had me wondering how hard it must be to write music like this. If you like music that is off the beaten track then give the music of ReVerse Bullets a try.

To find out more about Klaas von Karlos and ReVerse Bullets check out these sites:



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