Horror Musician Destini Beard

086For the finale of HorrorAddicts.net, Season 10, we have an interview with horror songstress, Destini Beard. Destini is a beautiful songbird whose music connects with the darkest part of your soul. She started her musical career in high school, and became one of the youngest singers to join the world renowned Susquehanna Valley Chorale. She’s collaborated with Midnight Syndicate on a few albums and is currently working on several different projects.

Edward Douglas from Midnight Syndicate says, “Destini is a tremendously talented artist and I’ve really enjoyed our collaborations together. She comes from a talented family. Her mother sang professionally and her father is one of the most talented fantasy artists I’ve ever met. Like them, she has that mix of talent, entrepreneurial spirit, and the all-important drive which is so important in the entertainment business. On A Time Forgotten, Destini has a song called “My Last Goodbye” that she not only wrote all of the music for but also performed the vocals (and piano!) on. The first time I heard it, I was blown away. With that song, I think we got a short glimpse of what it is to come from Destini and I for one, am very excited to hear what’s next!”

Destini’s haunting melodies and Midnight Syndicate’s theatrical accompaniment, transport me into a opera box in the early 1900’s, hairs standing on end as the vocals rise and fall. On the finale, you will get to hear samplings of her work as well as the lady herself talking about what’s next. The finale will air October 17th, 2015.

If you can’t wait for the finale, you can visit her website, Facebook, or check out her YouTube Channel.





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