Live Action Review by Crystal Connor: Moments: A Small Poetry Collection by Ursula K Raphael

51rbyHkk4pL._UY250_ I didn’t read the forward so I was completely caught off guard by the collection of poems that make up Moments.

Ursula K. Rapheal is known within the horror community as AstraDaemon and it would be hard pressed to find a zombiephile worth their weight in salt who doesn’t know who she is. Many of us who write horror wait months, sometimes longer, to have our books reviewed by her. And she is also one of us, an author, the author of The Survivor and Out of the ashes.

I was so expecting to be plunged into darkness as I wandered around the deep crevices of a twisted and tortured mind, but what I found instead were the warm heartfelt Moments of a young person’s life.

Some of the poems made me smile, others made me feel like I was reading someone’s diary. The Mosh Pit made me laugh out loud, I saw The Last Time coming, and Paper Doll tugged at the heart-strings.

The heartbreak over an unfaithful lover, the heartbreak of growing up and growing apart from  your sibling, the fits of uncontrollable laughter in the study hall, and for the love of cats, if I were to describe this collection as a whole I would say it’s the lyrical equivalent of Instagram.

Winter is coming … and that means Christmas. If you have a friend or loved one who isn’t into #allhorroreverything like we are, or you read outside the genre and want something rich and textured to read while waiting for the bus, subway, or tram this is the perfect gift electronic stocking stuffer or treat yo self gift.

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