Press Release: True Religion, a debut novel by J.L. Weinberg.

True Religion
a novel by J.L. Weinberg
Now available from Chelsea Station Editions
Official publication date: October 31, 2015
On October 31, 2015, Chelsea Station Editions will publish True Religion, a debut novel by J.L. Weinberg.

9781937627034An unexpected encounter with an otherworldly spirit at a holiday party in the Orenda Valley sends Seth Davis, a gay journalist from Manhattan, on a profound religious journey. Along the way, Seth stumbles into a quarreling coven of witches in the charming tourist town of Hope Springs, Pennsylvania, formerly known as Hell’s Ferry, and one of the most haunted destinations in America. As Seth learns more of the town’s remarkable history, he also uncovers his own shocking past, and in order to seek peace for his troubled soul, he must determine the fate of the coven, the town, and the entire Orenda Valley. True Religion, J.L. Weinberg’s debut novel, is a genre-bending fusion of paranormal horror, spiritual therapy, American history, and New Age enlightenment.

“Brace yourself—for witches, ghosts, and unsettled souls that do way more than go bump in the night. They are out for a showdown with Seth, a determined, young spiritual seeker who is the hero of J.L. Weinberg’s edge-of-your-seat paranormal thriller. This is a thought-provoking debut that will leave you wanting more!”
—David Pratt, author of Looking After Joey and Bob the Book

“Radical faerie boys and spirit guides, Old Religion and New Faith, these are the wondrous tools Weinberg uses to create a remarkable contemporary fantasy for gay readers. Whether or not God really does bless America, be assured that the prose in True Religion is divine, clever, and engaging.”
—Steve Berman, author of Vintage: A Ghost Story and editor of the Wilde Stories annual series

J.L. Weinberg was born and raised in San Francisco. He moved to New York City to become a film critic, but was sidetracked by stints as a model and actor. He returned to movie journalism, writing for New York, Premiere, The Village Voice, Interview, American Cinematographer, The Advocate, and The New York Native. True Religion is his first novel.

True Religion by J.L. Weinberg
ISBN-13: 978-1-937627-03-4
ISBN-10: 1937627039

Published by Chelsea Station Editions, 352 pages
Paperback. Price: $20.00
6 x 0.8 x 9; 12 ounces
Library of Congress Control Number: 2015945841

Also available in digital formats at $9.99
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-937627-63-8


Chelsea Station Editions was founded in 2010 to fill a growing void of independent presses devoted to gay literature. Among the authors the press has published are debut writers Dan Lopez, J.R. Greenwell, Craig Moreau, Michael Graves, Jeffrey Luscombe, Gil Cole, William Sterling Walker, and David Pratt, and veterans Felice Picano, Walter Holland, Jon Marans, Charles Silverstein, Wesley Gibson, Craig Cotter, Dennis Rhodes, and Jameson Currier. In November 2011, the press launched Chelsea Station, a new magazine of gay writing, which is now online at

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