Press Release: Klaas von Karlos and Ememe release OXI

KVKEM OXI FULL COVER bcAOn October 30th, Musica Dispera Musica (London) released “OXI,” the first improv electronic performance album by Klaas von Karlos (ReVerse Bullets) and Ememe. The Berlin-based musicians conceived the project as a one take, in studio performance. Three sessions were recorded between March 2015 and May 2015. The best and final take that appears as “OXI” was recorded May 30 at Studio R in Neue West Art Spaces Berlin. The product is a 77 minute sonic assault that was described by a studio visitor as “the soundtrack to the Apocalypse.”

Klaas von Karlos and Ememe met in 2014 in Berlin after a mutual introduction by a friend. After realizing mutual interests in improvisation and sound texture, they began to perform amongst the GLITCH, Perfek† Ryô†, and Multiversal communities of Berlin’s underground electronic scene. Their first performance was as opening act for the Berlin Soundpainting Orcehstra.

Audiovisual artist/electronic composer Klaas von Karlos (b. filmmaker Jon-Carlos Evans) is the frontman of Berlin/NYC based AV collective ReVerse Bullets and founder of the GLITCH performance series/music label. The 2012 ReVerse Bullets debut, “Drapetomania” garnered awards, screenings, and performances from the MashRome Film Festival, Bideodromo Experimental Film Festival, Museo d’arte contemporanea Roma, Instituo Cervantes Berlin, Remix Media Festival NYC, and others. In 2014 he released the solo album, “Re†urn of the Jackal” and a collaborative album “Divan Rouge” with Argentinian composer/video artist Ulises Labaronnie. Upcoming projects include a new solo release, ReVerse Bullets A/V album, and two feature films.

Ememe is a composer of mainly experimental music, improviser, designer, and anti-nukes activist from Kyoto, Japan. His first encounter with music was with the Grindcore scene. He even tried to form a Grindcore band, but because he couldn’t get stable members, he started creating electronic music alone. As a composer, Ememe creates various genres. of music. During his live performances, however, he usually plays improvisation of laptop or percussions and some effects to generate chaotic psychedelic noise. He is also a member of the improv band “amabeys!” with Chie Mukai and Tomohito Matsumoto in Japan. Ememe moved to Berlin in 2013 and toured Italy and France in April 2014.

“OXI” is the first release for Klaas von Karlos & Ememe on Musica Dispersa Records. For additional info, booking or press requests, please contact contact Roberto at with cc:


“OXI” Digital Purchase:

Upcoming Klaas von Karlos & Ememe Performances:

3 November – Bonobo Bar. Greenhouse Berlin (Klaas von Karlos & Ememe live)
6 November – Kim Bar – Berlin (Klaas von Karlos DJ Set)
12 November – “GLITCH.” Madame Claude, Berlin (Klaas von Karlos & Ememe live)


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