When Things in your Household turn Spoopy

kasa obake

by Mimielle

Kasa-obake (Japanese: 傘おばけ?) are a mythical ghost or yōkai in Japanese folklore. They are sometimes, but not always, considered a tsukumogami (“that has reached their 100th birthday and thus become alive and self-aware” ) that old umbrellas turn into.

According to the Yokai wiki, they are generally umbrellas with one eye and jump around with one leg, but sometimes they have two arms or two eyes among other features, and they also sometimes depicted to have a long tongue.



Not to be left behind, Second Life avatars are a very easy way to try out quite a lot of fairytale, ghost and monster avatars and Pandora Wrigglesworth of Curio Obscura made these Kasa-Obake avatars so we can hop about and even dance like these Japanese fictional characters!



Here is what she has to say about them:

(Male) Marvel at this strange and exotic spirit of Japanese folklore, the Kasa-Obake, also known as the“Umbrella Ghost!” Why do these traditional Japanese umbrellas come to life when they reach one hundred years of age? What strange thoughts hide behind its wide grin and waggling tongue? Who will solve the mystery of the traditional Kasa-Obake?

(Female) Even more strange and inexplicable than the traditional Kasa-Obake, when a Japanese EGL Parasol reaches one hundred years of age, it comes to life as the Kasa-Obake Parasol! What mysterious motivation drives this spirit of lace and ribbon to bat its long, feathery lashes? Who will solve the mystery of the Kasa-Obake Parasol?

One Leg Included with each!


Do you dare to ever BECOME the monster and dress up as a fairy-tale character for a convention, gathering or on Halloween? This year I did in Second Life as well as Real Life, and it was great fun both places even though I just wore a kimono in the outside workd, not quite so fantastical as Second Life!

parasol relaxing at home_001

Here I am resting in our virtual apartment at Angel Manor after the Dance Party.


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