7 Deadly Sins Acrostic


grunge 7 deadly 8 bit lust







Lasciviously lazing in her boudoir

Under a canopy of roses and red light

She waits for her lover

Then the next…and the next…

grunge 7 deadly 8 bit gluttony







Gourmand –vs- Gourmet they say

Lies just a few more bites away

Unless you are Julia Child

Then it might be excused.

Tut-tut my child, you’ve eaten all your share and

Other portions besides, more than a simple

Nosh or hearty Snack or even a full Meal.

Yumyumyum {burp}

grunge 7 deadly 8 bit pride







Persnickety prancing peacock

Rolled in self-satisfaction

I will surpass all others

Delightfully so!

Especially my cousin Envy.

grunge 7 deadly 8 bit envy







Ever wishing,

Never satisfied

Vanity’s poor cousin


grunge 7 deadly 8 bit wrath







Well you have done it now.

Righteous indignation triggered,

Are you mad to provoke me knowing

That I am constantly on the edge of anger that can easily spill into

Hatred for anything in my path?

grunge 7 deadly 8 bit greed







Give me all that is

Rightfully mine and in addition, you can

End the idea that I will share

Everything as one might wish because that’s just

Dumb…more for me, you see?

grunge 7 deadly 8 bit sloth







Slowly I climb out of bed, all the

Life in me barely stirring

Over a cup of coffee

That will possibly

Help but never really be effective.


stay beautiful












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