Press Release: Shamed Series


In the Mind of Revenge an intimate look into the heart of vengeance


AUSTIN, TX —  Are you ready for a tale of hate, lies and murder? Liv Hadden’s debut novel In the Mind of Revenge (March 5, 2016) is a  blunt, fantastically gruesome look at retribution. Raw, vivid, honest, fast-paced and beautifully vulgar, this  thrilling suspense is sure to have you emotionally twisted from beginning to end.


In the first installment of The Shamed Series, Hadden takes a close look into how monsters are born.  Set in a society that glorifies ‘normal’ and demonizes different, this dark tale follows ‘Shame’ on an emotionally wild ride of vengeance and desperation.  Hadden sheds light on heavier issues like bullying,  gender fluidity and sexuality and although dark in nature, the message of the book is clear; that revenge isn’t simple or worth it, and pain and hurt can only be healed when a person is ready to address those feelings.


The vulnerable, first-person narrative of the story has a big part in the delivery. “I chose to write the book this way specifically so it really would be a dive into the mind of revenge,” said Hadden.  “Because we have such an intimate look at the deepest, darkest places of Shame’s mind, it’s hard to decide from page to page whether you hate or have empathy for Shame.”


And Hadden keeps you guessing. Along with Shame’s angsty and somewhat pompous ego, the most masterful part of Hadden’s main character is the surrounding ambiguity. Shame lacks a clear identity, ethnicity and gender, which encourages the reader to step uncomfortably into Shame’s shoes and really see and feel everything as the character does.

Hadden started writing at an early age and has kept her craft sharp through ghostwriting, marketing and working on her novels into the wee hours of the morning. Born in Burlington, Vermont, she has since settled in Austin, TX with her husband and two dogs, Madison and Samuel.

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