Live Action Review by Crystal Connor: Diary of a Psychopath

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Plotline: A young psychopath chronicles the stalk, the hunt and the kill of his first victim.

Who would like it: Those who like found footage/self-documentary movies and fans of short films.

Overall: 3 Stars

Where I watched it: Facebook

I don’t particularly enjoy found footage/ self-documentary films, to be honest its more than not simply likely them, I don’t even watch them anymore. The sighing and eye rolling were of epic proportions when I was assigned to watch Diary of a Psychopath.

Now with that being said, what I immensely appreciate about Daniel P. Coughlin, besides his full length 2008 movie Farm House is his ability to tell a compelling short story. Clocking in at just under ten minutes Diary of a Psychopath is easy and interesting enough to sit through. The amateur camera phone recording coupled with main character Tyler Bentley’s youthful appearance lends itself to its authenticity.  In fact, it seemed so real for some that they left comments condemning his actions demanding and threatening that this footage be turned over to the property authorities. But with so many people filming every second of their lives, and others posting footage of themselves committing actual crimes it’s easy to understand the confusion.

Tyler is a super creepy kid, the things he says gets under the skin and his footage of him stalking women in the park strikes a chord. The twist is reminiscent of Scott Reynolds 1994 A Game with no Rules.

The verdict? I actually liked Diary of a Psychopath, which probably means you’ll love it. Check it out here Come for the STALK, stay for the KILL! and I would also recommend taking some time to explore Crypt TV as well.


Master Imaginationist and Instagram photographer Crystal Connor is a Washington State native who loves anything to do with monsters, bad guys (as in evil-geniuses & super-villains.  Not ‘those’ kind her mother warned her about), rogue scientific experiments, jewelry, sky-high high-heeled shoes & unreasonably priced handbags.

When she’s not terrorizing readers she reviews indie horror and science fiction films for both her personal blog and

She is also considering changing her professional title to dramatization specialist because it so much more theatrical than being a mere drama queen. The End is Now is the 5th book that has been unleashed by Connor’s awarding winning imagination.

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