Welcome to “My Melancholy Life”


Well…it isn’t really always so melancholy but it SOUNDS good right?

Maybe a bit nostalgic, hazy or romantic?

It might be any or all of those sometimes but it will also be my own personal take on any and everything I can find for us to divert, pervert or subvert to make our own dark and beautiful lifestyles more fulfilling, to experience and create, hints, tips and advice to actually help craft a lifestyle.

Emz, our dear and fearless leader did ask me how I would actually portray everything I do, as a lifestyle or in a topic that could encompass it all and she knows me better than I will admit when she came up with this title. I do have a wide range of interests and experience and we do travel to some strange and interesting places, often ranging far but sometimes without ever leaving home at all.

storm trooper

So I hope you will enjoy taking little trips with me! Fill a mug of tea or grab your coffee and perhaps steal a muffin or macaron to nibble and we will sort out and discuss all manner of things together. Would you like to look at my book on Victorian post-mortem photography? Would you like to see through my eyes, a strange and wonderful shop of oddities and hear about how I acquired my taxidermy duckling?

Do you want to learn which are the best false eyelashes and how to put them on or puzzle out some clever answers to those tiresome ‘normie’ questions like “Why is your hair pink?” I’m your girl. I will show you my doll collection this season, I have everything from a tiny Frozen Charlotte reproduction to a 90cm Ball Jointed gentleman doll and many in between. (A secret is I have lost count of exactly HOW many dolls live here with us!)  We will cut up some thrifted treasures and re-style them too, in photos, step-by-step! How about some photography tips to make your photos have a more Victorian or Vintage feel? Gotcha covered.

tintype finished


I have a couple of exciting interviews lined up too, one with a London gentleman who crafts very unusual corsets from very unique materials, the other with an up and coming new generation horror writer from New Orleans, she is fabulous so I cannot wait to introduce you to her!

I am also very pleased to assume the Second Life ambassadorship for Horror Addicts and will be opening up a virtual meeting space where we ALL can attend meet-ups together in a our own Horror Addicts virtual space in real time using avatars and sit around and read aloud, talk, type or just hang out. More about that next time, I am having LOTS of fun getting it all ready, just so.

I am delighted to be back with you this season and I know our other Horror Addicts writers and pod-casters have so many delights planned to show and share with you and so I already can tell that this will be the best season ever so hang on, it will be a wild ride!

Mimielle sig, orange

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