Nightmare Fuel:  Black Eyed Kids



Hello Addicts.

I thought I’d ring in the new season’s Nightmare Fuel with a creepy bang by looking at the phenomena known as The Black Eyed Kids, or BEKs for short.

Picture if you will, it’s ten o’clock at night, and you are sitting in your living room reading a book or watching television.  You wonder who is bothering you so late, and, when you look out the window, you find a couple of children standing on your porch with their heads bowed.  Knowing no child their age should be out so late, you feel a strong urge to open the door to find out what is wrong.  Instead, you ask them through the closed door if you can help with something and why they are out so late in the first place.  They answer with, “Please let us in,” or, “Can we come in and use your phone”.  You feel a  strong compulsion to open the door, but there is also a weird or bad vibe from them.  Instead of opening the door, you make sure the doors are locked before telling them you can’t help them.  When they do finally look up, your blood chills.

black eyed kids.png

What you thought were normal children are now staring at you with eyes so black you wonder if they are empty sockets.  The smaller of the children asks again, “Please let us in,” and you feel a stronger urge to open the door.  Instead, you shout at them to leave or you will call the police.  You look away long enough to get your cellphone, and find an empty porch when you return to the window.

That is but one of the many stories that have been circling since the first reported sighting of the Black Eyed Kids in the late 1990s. The stories share many similarities with some encounters dating back to World War II.  Skeptics regard these stories as merely victims of pranks, urban legend, or just campfire stories, but to the people who have reported these encounters, they all are quite real.  Stories detailing what happens when the children are allowed inside are very rare.  What stories I have found detail the death of the home’s occupant circumstantially linked to the BEKs.  One story where the homeowner claims to have allowed these children inside, and then felt a menacing vibe from them.  It was so strong, she left when the kids refused to. By the time she returned home with the police, the kids were gone.  All reported run-ins with the BEKs have related tremendous feelings of terror and dread, which lead some believers to speculate that the kids are demons, alien/human hybrids, or something much more terrifying. Reports of run ins with the kids are still shared and reported to this day, and they don’t always stick to houses.  Some have even shared stories taking placed in empty parking lots late at night.

So, when Halloween around on us this year, keep in mind that the child asking for candy at your doorstep may be in costume, possibly even wearing a pair of all black contact lenses.  Then again, they may be the real deal.

Until next time…

D.J. Pitsiladis

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