Once Upon a Scream Book Tour

OnceUponAScreamFrontBy now you’ve heard of our new book,

 Once Upon a Scream.

You haven’t?

Well, well…we have some catching up to do!

All during May we will have activities and opportunities for you to find out more about the book, the authors involved, and to win prizes.

Here are some of the highlights!

*Interviews with the authors on HorrorAddicts.net

*Facebook Release Party, May 13th, 7-9pm PST.

*Live Tweet, May 20th, 7-8pm PST

*BayCon Convention Party, May 28th

*Author blog tour:

May 5th, Emerian Rich
May 6th, Dan Shaurette
May 8th, David Watson
May 10th, Adam Bealby
May 11th, Alison McBain
May 14th, Shannon Lawrence
May 15th, Krystle Wallis
May 17th, Nickie Jamison
May 19th, Laurel Anne Hill 
May 21st, Chantal Boudreau 
May 23rd, DJ Tyrer
May 25th, J Malcom Stewart
May 27th, Melissa Duzguner

*Second Life Party coming in June, 2016

Join in the fun and attend the parties to be entered in to win prizes!

Come SCREAM with us!


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