Once Upon a Scream Author Spotlight: MD Maurice

Horroraddicts.net publishing has recently published our 4th anthology called Once Upon a ScreamRemember the Fairy tales that you grew up reading? Well, they are back again with a horror twist. Once Upon a Scream includes 18 tales that are fantastic and frightful. One of the authors in this anthology is MD Maurice and recently talked to us about her writing:

What is your story in Once Upon A Scream called and what is it about?
OnceUponAScreamFrontMy story is called “Lake Tividen”. It is basically, a modern retelling of an old legend involving a dangerous Norse water sprite called the Nokken, sometimes referred to as the Water Horse in Norwegian mythology.

What inspired the idea?
The original piece was inspired by a prompt in my writing group where we had to write about mythological creature. I wasn’t familiar with the Nokken, but the more I read about it, the more intrigued I became. I loved the idea that it could take on multiple forms, entice and manipulate through its appearances. There was something very powerful and dark that appealed to me. This particular legend had elements that I really loved. I thought I could twist and expand on in both very visual and visceral ways. It just took off on me and began something bigger. Also, I always loved the ominous nature of those fairytales that promised something wonderful but demanded a higher price than one was prepared to surrender.

When did you start writing?
I started writing publicly in early 2001, that is to say, I starting to pursue publication for my work. I have been writing in some form since I could spell, I think. I can remember as a young girl in middle school, I began writing really terrible poems and cheesy song lyrics. Then, I actually started writing fiction pretty early in adolescence and I was hooked totally on the craft.

What are your favorite topics to write about?
I’ve had some of my adult fiction published over the last several years in erotic horror and sci-fi anthologies. The recent mainstream popularity of works like “Fifty Shades” have made it easier to find markets for that work. I welcome the way erotica lets me freely focus on all the varied emotions and physical connections we have to our passions and our most basic instincts. I do tend to write many stories that are darker in nature. I like that they allow me to explore the shadows and fine lines that reside in all of us. I like things that make me feel uneasy or slightly off-centered because I’m a person with a scientific background who was always taught there is an answer for everything. So, it excites me to think that not everything can be explained so easily. I like the mysterious, the creepy…that thing you thought you just saw out of the corner of your eye… I’m also a pretty active blogger, it keeps the creative juices flowing. It also gives me a venue to write about: parenting, family, travel, other interests and pursuits I enjoy on a daily basis. Plus, I like having some pieces I can still share with family and friends that are more mainstream…with far less blushing and explanations involved!

What are some of your influences?
I’m influenced by so many things and people, but my favorite authors are Gabriel Garza Marquez and Anis Nin. I also love James Lee Burke, Greg Iles, Joe Hill and Gillian Flynn – all very different, but they all do what they do so exceptionally well. I’ve read lines in all their works that have made me just sit back and say, “Good God, that’s so fucking great…” You have to take a few minutes to just absorb the way the words made you feel. I’m also influenced every day by the authors in my writing circles and in my group at Writing.com…So many unrepresented, amateur writers who find success just by keeping the pedal to metal and grinding out amazing material every day, working to make their craft as good as it can be.

What do you find fascinating about the horror genre?
I love the freedom by not being bound to anything. There are no rules because the unknown and unexplained are so ripe with endless possibilities and fear is so relative. One of my most favorite novels of all time is “Salem’s Lot” by Stephen King. The imagery and descriptive power in that book, and in other early King works, could actually keep me up at night. The story had my heart racing hours after I put the book away. I love that about this genre, it can make me feel something in my gut that stays with me in a real residual way.

What are some of the works you have available?
I’ve had pieces previously published in print in the Rainstorm Press, “Nailed – An Erotic Death Anthology” and also the sci-fi anthology, “Abaculus II” by Leucrota Press. Some of my short stories have been published previously in Bare Back Magazine,  Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine, online at Erotic Nights and other sites devoted to erotic fiction. I’ve also had some non-fiction work featured in the River Poets Journal and self-published a children’s book called “Mugsly’s Forever Home” about a rescue mutt. Also, a memoir about my great-grandmother entitled “Claudette’s Lovely Dementia”.

What are you currently working on?
I’m currently working on a horror novel about a succubus demon which ironically just drains me, and a serialized novel about two ladies who run a sinfully sweet chocolate shop. Also, several short nonfiction pieces for upcoming anthologies that focus on loss and addiction. I try to blog every day and have several articles almost ready for submission…fingers crossed! I hope to begin drafting something for the new upcoming HorrorAddicts.net anthology just announced – as I am a huge, huge fan of Alice in Wonderland myself and I’ve very excited for that! I try to be as productive as I can while working full-time in my day job and raising a young daughter…some days I’m better at it than others!

Where can we find you online?1798535_604919092931153_1567880026_n

You can find me online at MD Maurice official. I’m a regular contributor and moderator of the Sensual Infusion group based as Writing.com. You can also find me on Facebook/Mdmaurice and on Twitter @MDmaurice2015.

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