Press Release: Chaos Theory

Press Release: Chaos Theory

Chaos TheoryIf you’re an aficionado of apocalyptic fiction, a zombie fanatic, or a frenzied devotee of survival tales, look no further! Chaos Theory is a comedic romp through an undead apocalyptic nightmare. Our hero, if you can call him that, teamed with a genius survivalist and a teenage girl, must flee the teeming dead, the evils of humans left unchecked, and those that would seek to use him. His best weapon to stave off the horrors of this new world? His wit.


Rich Restucci is a practicing chemist and author living in Pembroke Massachusetts.  He resides with his lovely wife, three children, and a permanent hangover.  He enjoys drinking beer, stocking up on weapons and supplies, playing with explosives and reading/writing anything zombie related.  Rich didn’t start writing until he was forty three years old, and started writing as a hobby. He has four novels published by Severed Press, with more on the way. Rich wrote Chaos Theory as a series of blog posts that were compiled into a book.


For more information on Chaos Theory, you can visit Rich Restucci’s Author’s Page, or check out his work on the fiction page of You can also contact Rich through

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