Press Release : The Heroine’s Journey in 12 Songs by RJ Thyme

JOURNEY3-page-001“The Heroine’s Journey in 12 Songs,” the new album by Berlin-­based electronic musician/ visual artist RJ Thyme is now available for streaming. The album will be released in all digital formats, CD, and Photo Book editions on 9 August 2016 via Perfect Entropy Productions’ GLITCH music label.

RJ Thyme has been working in the audio-visual field for the past year and half, after combining his film background with his ongoing passion for music. With this project the listeners are encouraged to follow the story of a young protagonist as She travels through the process of the Hero’s journey as described by Joseph Campbell in book ‘The Hero with a Thousand Faces.’ The album is an experiment in producing a synesthetic movie experience through auditory input. The titles of the tracks and the accompanying images serve as small prompts should the listener desire a little direction. Everything else is left to the imagination.

“The Heroine’s Journey” is RJ Thyme’s second release via Perfect Entropy, after having released the seven-track EP ‘Sexual Transmutation’ in June of 2015.

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