Halloween Memories Senior Edition

Hey, Addicts!


It’s Stacy, Blog Editor here at HorrorAddicts.net. I recently hung out with a group of Seniors who were or married to some influential people in my area. Here are the results:

Helen said :

“When my husband was still alive, we would have a haunted house in our garage for the adults. He would make a spider out of refrigerator boxes, put jello in  bowls and food to feel when you walk in the dark garage. He would get the best of all the guests. After the first night, she would turn over the haunted garage to their teenage kids. But the real horror was when he got an old telephone pole that had acid on it to preserve the pole. He carved a totem out of it, but he would sit on the totem to carve. After the first day, he said his butt was burning… it was the acid that put a hole in his pants!”


I couldn’t help but laugh because that is something I would do.


Finally, I talked to a nice lady that was the most social… I learned about her life. Not because she is lonely (she isn’t) but that’s her personality…


So, she was married to the superintendent of a private school. Frances had two memories that I find more of tricks… than treats. This is what she said:

“Aside from the yearly egging and toilet papering of her house (that she laughed about and thought was just so funny… I don’t know what is funny about sulfur… but anyways), she would tell her teenagers ‘Whatever you do, just don’t get in the papers. If you get in trouble, I won’t say I condone the behavior… but have fun’ So, essentially, she said do what you want, just don’t get caught? They never did, and never told her what they did … just to keep away from trouble.

The last memory:

So, a couple of kids came and rang her doorbell, and hid. Then, they would tap on the windows to scare them. Her husband went out to see what was going on. Nothing. The two boys did it again, but this time, when the husband went out, he saw one kid, so his son went after the boy and couldn’t find him.

Years later, her husband was talking to another guy in a restaurant and the kid from that night went up to him and said, that night when boys were knocking on your windows to scare you… I was one… Impressed, her husband asked where the boy hid… He said under the truck.”


Great trick. What are your favorite Halloween memories? Do you have a good trick that you played or was played on you? Let us know email me at horroraddicts@gmail.com

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