Finale Guest: Abie Ekenezar

For the finale, coming October 22nd, our entertainment guest is…Abie Ekenezar.

abieekenezarAbie Ekenezar sings, dances, models, cosplays, acts, and is an up and coming entertainer in the Pacific Northwest. Currently represented by Big Fish NW Talent, she has been in such things as  Grimm, The Librarians, Z Nation, and coming in 2017, Twin Peaks. She’s been a stunt driver and is currently writing scripts for a new production. She is a frequent con panelist and Producer at Headcanon Productions.

Listen to #136, the finale for this season, and hear a great interview conducted by Emz in which Abie shares with us her experiences on set, how she came up in the acting and cosplay worlds and what she has planned for her bright future in entertainment.abie2


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