Press Release : “The Mansa Musa Affair” by Klaas Von Karlos


“The Mansa Musa Affair” is the second album by experimental electronic composer/audiovisual artist Klaas von Karlos of ReVerse Bullets. The digital album is available now via GLITCH/Perfect Entropy Productions with a Vinyl release anticipated for Winter 2016-2017.

In this new collection of songs, KVK’s signatures of rattling sub bass, glitch syncopations, and science fiction ambience are joined by free jazz improvisation and Afro-Arab instrumentation. The effort was produced by Klaas von Karlos (Berlin) and Kevin Ramsay (guitarist in ReVerse Bullets). Brooklyn-born. Ramsay joined ReVerse Bullets officially in 2014 after collaborating as Engineer on the Klaas von Karlos side projects “Divan Rouge”(2014) and “OXI” (2015) featuring Ememe.

kvk-mansa-musa-affair-cover-artThe album’s title refers to the Malian Emperor in the 14th Century who was valued as being the wealthiest individual in human civilization. The individual wealth of his family line and collective wealth of this empire pre-European invasion gave foundation to Timbuktu as a mecca of world civilization. Scholars from Africa, the Middle East, and Asia were all said to have studied at the world’s first university in Timbuktu. In one of his most famed expeditions, Mansa Musa travelled to the Cairo with so much gold and so many attendants, that he devalued the Egyptian Dinar for twelve years. With song titles referencing African mythological traditions – “Apis” and “Alkebu-lan,” and others referring to post-colonial modernity – “Konferenz” and “Re(M)cycle Deux” – the album is a direct response to negative media images of the Africans and Arabs. Through the evocation of Mansa Musa, the intention is to ignite curiosity about the accomplishments of the world’s hidden empires, past and present.

The album features guest contributions from New York City-based musicians Devoye Folkes, Asukaya Bailey, Jansen Bennett, Ras Moshe, Paul Geluso, Zach Lane, Stephan Litzsey, Jason Sohn, Dominick Chang, Ras Menelik, Fatari Kefentse, Jahziah Kefentse, Paul Geluso, and Murilo O’Reilly.

Key Tracks: “I Can Give (You Can Take),” “Lion Moon,” and “Fallen”

Direct Album Download (Bandcamp)

Direct Album Download (iTunes)



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