Halloween Poems

Hey, Addicts, it’s Stacy here and I wanted to chat about Halloween Poems.

Since Halloween is THE holiday that Addicts look forward to and to some, every day IS Halloween, I wanted to talk about some of my favorite Halloween Poems….


Okay, so, they aren’t ABOUT Halloween, but they are about horror. Like I mentioned on the podcast, I am a HUGE Poe fan. I love his ciphers and his idea of horror. Maybe it is because I was younger when I “discovered” him. Aside from my favorite poem of all time,  “A Dream Within A Dream” I enjoy “Dreamland”. This poem has fun things, like trying to decide between life and death.


Another poem by Robert Frost .. While he was more so admired by his love for nature, hard work and getting along with neighbors, he wrote a poem I remember called “Ghost House”. I find it nice how he describes all the things around him… until the end… when he describes what the cellar is and who is around him. Read the Ghost House and tell me what you think!


Emily Dickinson was another author I read a lot of… and her poem “Because I Could Not Stop For Death” describes me as an adult. I am too busy to die, and so was Emily. She described what she saw when she went on a carriage ride and in the end comes to the conclusion that she might have to stop for Death.


I love literature, and I love horror. Mostly, I enjoy what makes you think, and comes from left field. These timeless authors were great at their craft and have successfully reminded me all these years that when the vail is thin on Harvest and Halloween, I must not think that I am immortal and remember those that have passed, as I will be in a bit of a pickle if I don’t stop for Death.


What is your favorite Halloween poem? What did you think about these poems? Let me know, write me at horroraddicts@gmail.com!


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