Press Release : Thorazine Dreams

Get a Dose of Thorazine Dreams by Vic Kerry


Birmingham, Al, 11/3/16 — Sink your teeth into 15 tales of dark fiction with Vic Kerry’s new collectiondream-book-cover, available now in paperback and Kindle download from Pint Bottle Press.

When the line between the rational and delusional blurs, the dream becomes reality, and life becomes a nightmare. Experience the psychosis these stories induce, from tales of insanity to those of twisted hysterics. Take the shot, and enjoy the Thorazine Dreams.

Thorazine Nightmares is a more accurate title, but Thorazine Dreams has a better ring to it. In these short snippets of horror, Kerry draws a common thread of substances and the power they control over us, with or without our consent. You’ll meet a variety of classic monsters in these pages, but some unique ones, too. And the monster isn’t always who it seems.” — Kristin Dearborn, author of Whispers, Stolen Away, and Woman in White

“Vic Kerry’s writing is always intriguing and engaging. His stories are woven with a thoughtfulness that few can match. I eagerly read any story he writes.” — Lori Michelle, editor-in-chief of Dark Moon Digest

Vic Kerry spends his days as an inpatient psychiatric therapist and his nights dreaming up nightmares. He has written two novels and a novella, including Revel’s Ending and Decoration Day (both available from Samhain Publishing). Thorazine Dreams is his first collection of short stories.


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