January Theme: Vile Vacations

Welcome to 2017 on HorrorAddicts.net! We have a great year in store with new authors wanting to kidnap us, and of course our next season! I know Emz has some exciting things planned, and it is going to be a fun season.


We start the year out with Vile Vacations, this month will be full of vacations that were scary, whether to haunted locations, or vacation destinations known for the scary stories. These are true and fiction stories with the Vile Vacation theme.


If you have a story that fits this and want to share on HorrorAddicts.net, please send using the following guidelines:

In the body of the email:
The story, 75 word or less bio, headshot, and links to your work, if applicable

Subject of the email :

Vile Vacations
Send to: horroraddicts@gmail.com

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