Nurse Blood by Rebecca Besser Review

Nurse Blood by Rebecca Besser Review

nurse-blood-front-cover A fast paced read, you found that the characters were built as the plot was being laid out, the description of the characters through their actions were on the nose. Also, there was not a scene that didn’t belong. While the subject and the gore was there, it wasn’t over the top and it was not done in poor taste. I was afraid there might have been a couple of tasteless gore scenes again, not disappointed.

So, Sonya is a nurse and harvests organs to sell on the Blackmarket to make extra money. She has a couple of guys to help her, but she is the main in the catching of the men to lure the men to their deaths. Sonya and her team make these disappearances quick and leave little to no traces. They have been successful, but how long could they continue to get away with this?

One victim she lures is Daniel Mccoy, he just so happens to a twin brother to an FBI agent David, who wants to find the truth behind his brother’s disappearance. While he is looking for clues and trying to find the truth, Sonya is faced with one last big harvest (that involves a family, just a warning). Will she be successful and evade David just long enough to pull off the harvest?

The writing style Besser had was perfect for character building while the plot moves forward. I really enjoy this kind of book, and would recommend this book only to people who enjoy senseless killing, fast action and the main character to be a villain. Find out what happens to Sonya, and if David ever finds out what happened to his twin brother here.


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