nghwcontestAre you a horror writer who dreams of seeing their work in print?

Are you willing to perform challenges to win a book contract?

Do you have at least one horror novel to pitch?

Then you might be the…


Enter to compete in the horror writing contest!

This contest is free to enter.

Grand Prize (one lucky and talented writer will receive):

  • Novel/book contract.
  • Free edit of novel up to 50,000 words.
  • Short story contract with “Horror Bites” series.
  • Horror Writer gift box. Supplies and inspiration for the Next Great Horror Writer.

Mini-Prizes- Episode specific (one winner from each challenge will receive one of the following):

  • A read of your work for podcast and promotion
  • Feature on another horror news podcast of your non-fiction work
  • Audio drama produced for podcast and promotion
  • 4 different publication contracts for shorts.
  • A sketch of your character by an anime artist.
  • Short story contract with “Horror Bites” series.
  • More!

*Note: Unlike some previous contests, you will not be required to produce fiction audio for this contest. The only audio involved in this contest is in the form of interviews with staff. The contest will be based on your ability to write.

Professional writers, editors, artists, and movie industry people will be involved in the judging including, but not limited to:

  • Author Annette Curtis Klause, Blood and Chocolate, Silver Kiss, Freaks.
  • Producer, Director, Writer Frank H. Woodward, Men in Suits, Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown
  • DJ & Horror Host The Count, Cemetery Confessions, The Requiem & The Belfry Network
  • Author & Editor Dairo Ciriello, Panverse Publishing, Aegean Dream, Black Easter
  • Author & Entertainer Mark Eller, Hell Hole Tavern, The Turner Chronicles, God Wars
  • Author, Editor, Game Designer Jeremiah Donaldson, Plague, The Hunt
  • Sirens Call Publications
  • Author & Publisher Nina D’Arcangela, Bent Metal & Sirens Call Publications
  • Author Juilanne Snow, Days with the Undead & Sirens Call Publications
  • Author & Humorist, Timothy G. M. Reynolds, The Broken Shield, Stand Up & Succeed
  • Mocha Memoirs Press
  • Author & Publisher, Nicole Kurtz, Silenced & Mocha Memoirs Press

Basic rules:
*You must be 18 years or older. (Or will be 18 by March 1, 2017)
*You must not currently be a staff member.
*You must be able to write and communicate in English, even if it’s your second language.
*You have to be a newbie—meaning you do not have a book-sized publication for sale with a publisher. Nothing over 10,000 words can be for sale by anyone but yourself. So self-pub authors are eligible.
*You are committed to doing your best to complete in each challenge by the deadline and in theme. Challenges run from March 2017-October 2017.



TO ENTER, copy and paste the section below and fill in your particulars. Don’t forget to attach to your email everything listed in the “ATTACHED” section. Email to:


Pen name:
Real name if different:



In your own words, what does horror mean to you?

Your favorite horror genre:

What is your writer goal?

How many years have you been writing?

Why do you want to be the Next Great Horror Writer?

Social media:

I understand that by submitting my name for consideration, I am in agreement with the statements below:
*I am 18 years or older. (Or will be 18 by March 1st, 2017.)
*I am not currently a staff member.
*I am able to write and communicate in English, even if it’s my second language.
*I have a full-length novel or novella ready to pitch to a publishing house.
*I understand I must not have a novella or novel-sized publication available for sale by a publisher of any size. (Self-pub is okay. Old book deals no longer in place are okay. As long as no other entity is making money from a book-length anything over 10,000 words–if in doubt, ask)
*I understand that the contest will consist of many challenges from March 2017-October 2017 and I am committed to doing my best to complete in each by the deadline and in theme.
*Writing, audio, or content I provide for this contest must be unaired, published, or otherwise distributed content aside from the final novel submission that can be self-published or posted only. More details on the content right will be discussed in the contract should I be chosen.

***Type your name here as proof of reading the above rules:

*100 word story horror story. (doc or rtf)
*100 bio and list of previously published works. (doc or rtf)

17 thoughts on “The NEXT GREAT HORROR WRITER Contest – Enter Now!

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  2. I have a draft full-length novel and am currently taking it through its editing stages. Does that count for this competition or does it have to be ready to go?

    Liked by 1 person

    • That counts. Novel challenge is at the very end in October so we just want to make sure you have something ready beforehand. The challenges will keep you quite busy during the contest.


    • Stand alone 100 word story for the submission process. If it is about your novel characters, we won’t know. But it is what we’ll be judging to see who the chosen contestants will be.


  3. Another question and this may mean I cannot enter 😦 . I have not got anything more than 10,000 words currently on sale, however I have had an acceptance for a novella length story (just over 20000 words) and this will form part of an anthology. The book is supposed to be published sometime this year but I’m not sure when. Does this rule me out?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Unfortunately if you have a work of over 10,000 words accepted by a publisher who will be collecting money for your work (ie…notself-published) then, yes, you would not meet the guidelines. Sorry, but CONGRATS on your sale! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. We’ve had some other good questions- I wanted to leave the answers here in case anyone reading has the same questions:
    1) My Clarion class has self published a few charity anthologies where all proceeds go to the Clarion foundation. In one of them I have a story that is on the long side–I need to check the word count to be sure, but if memory serves it was just over 20K words. It was self published and for charity, but it would still technically mean someone else would be getting proceeds from it. Would that rule me out?
    2) Given that the edit is for novels of up to 50K words, is length a factor for the finished novel that you’re ready to publish as well? (I do have a completed novel, but it is about 130K words.)
    1) Anthologies don’t count. For you to be disqualified, it would have to be a book-length publication of only your work (Novella or bigger- the rules state anything over 10,000 words) through a publisher that is collecting money for your work. So, Self-Pub or shorter works are fine. We say book-length because you could still be disqualified if it’s a complete book of your short stories for example. But if it’s 20,000 we would need to review it to see if you qualify since it is not a sale.
    2) The edit is up to 50k- He will still edit it, but only up to that point, which will still give you a large amount of notes to work with. The novel pitch is the very last challenge and if you are the grand-prize winner, the publisher and you will iron out those details. Length is not an issue for that challenge because you will just be subbing a portion of it.


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  6. Hi, Emerian. Hope you are well.

    I have a few questions if you don’t mind.

    1) I am finishing a full-length novel in Portuguese, but I still need to review/edit. After that, I will translate it into English. My plan is to have everything done by the end of October. It is that ok for the contest?

    2) The 100 words story needs to be a complete story or can be a part of one? Can it be more than 100 words? What is the maximum?

    3) I am understanding that people from any country can participate, but the text needs to be submitted in English. I am Brazilian and currently live in the UK. Could you please confirm that?

    Kind regards,


    Liked by 1 person

    • 1) As long as it’s in English, and you have one to pitch, that is fine.
      2) 100 words max. It should be complete in itself, not just part of a chapter or something.
      3) Yes, anyone can enter from any country, but the text and contest will all be in English.


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