Press Release : Hunt a Killer

Do You Have What It Takes to Track Down a Killer?
If so, we found your next creepy obsession. And it ships right to your door.
Take your love of solving mysteries to a new level with the interactive and highly addictive mystery box, Hunt A Killer.
What is Hunt A Killer? Well, it’s a monthly subscription service that presents a complex murder mystery and challenges you to solve it, delivering the pieces to the puzzle directly to your home.
Once a month, you receive a box chock-full of creepy clues: perplexing photographs and ciphers, lifelike case files on insane asylum patients—even an ultraviolet flashlight and what we’re pretty sure is a tooth fragment.
Hunt a Killer Unpacked
We were instantly hooked upon receiving our first two boxes. Each box contains a letter, written directly to you. The writer is an institutionalized patient with whom you’ve been put in contact, and is the person who reveals the puzzle, piece by piece. As one of us read aloud our pen pal’s creepy message—using his best Hannibal Lecter voice, of course—another inspected a mysterious star chart for hidden messages. Opening each box, reading each note, and holding each clue in your hand creates the illusion that you are in the midst of a mystery.
And this is far from a lone wolf investigation. There is an active Hunt A Killer forum, and a private Facebook group dedicated to solving the case. Subscribers swap theories and dissect the meaning behind the items in every box. Is there a code hidden in the pen pal’s most recent letter? Could a strange newspaper clipping point to the location of the murder? We fell down the rabbit hole for hours on end.
Hunt A Killer only approves 500 new members per month, so if you’re looking for an insanely addictive, interactive, Sherlock Holmes meets Silence of the Lambs-style experience, sign up to get your first box now.
Click here to subscribe to Hunt a Killer today. Use the promo code LINEUP for 10% off your subscription.
Now is your chance to put your skills to the test, and see if you can catch the killer.

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