#NGHW News: Interview with Contestant: Feind Gottes

Get to know the contestants of the Next Great Horror Writer Contest!

What do you love about horror?

The main thing I love about horror is its diversity. Some of my favorite horror books and movies have a little of everything in them from romance to fantasy to the total gross out moment. Horror envelopes everything from Goosebumps to Friday the 13th to Evil Dead to Saw. Horror can be lighthearted and funny, show you fantastic new worlds or be gritty and realistic. That’s what is so great about horror!

What was the first horror movie/story/book/show that you fell in love with?

This one is a little difficult for me because I would like to say that when I picked up Stephen King’s The Stand to read when I was eleven that it lit the horror spark in me but my love of horror had already begun by that point. I had seen the classic “Universal Monster” movies at a fairly young age and while I enjoyed them I didn’t really find them “scary”. Then one night when I was perhaps eight or nine years old my mom let me stay up to watch the late night movie with her. My mom doesn’t like watching horror movies alone and that night was my introduction to the late great Tall Man, Angus Scrimm, in “Phantasm”! I was hooked!

Can you describe the sort of horror stories you write?

The scariest things to me are things that could actually happen even if farfetched so most of my stories deal with dark realism like maniacs, serial killers and such. However, I’ve written about demonic possession, monsters, and zombies too. Essentially, I’ll write any idea that comes to my head and won’t go away but I try to write as realistically as possible.

Do you listen to music while you write? If so, what?

Do I listen to music while I write!?! ABSOLUTELY! Honestly, I don’t think I could write without it. My writing and music are as inseparable as snow and cold. Nearly every story idea I have comes from music in some way but while I’m writing what I listen to almost exclusively is doom metal. It’s a little slower and powerful which gets me in the right head space. While I’m writing I mostly tune it out but the music isolates me in “storyland” blocking out the rest of the world. A few albums I always listen to while writing are Sole Creation by Kongh, Sorrow & Extinction by Pallbearer and Clearing The Path To Ascend by YOB. Also every story I write shares its title with whatever song inspired the idea, it’s my way of paying respect.

Do you have any hobbies besides writing?

If you had asked me this a few months ago I would have said not really but due to a medical problem, I was having extreme difficulty writing anything (the problem has been corrected) for some time. Fortunately my creative side wouldn’t be suppressed and thanks to some chance and life changes I began doing some woodworking which led to adding artistic touches through woodburning and painting. Starting with just some gifts for family I recently refurbished an antique coffee table that was just a simple, plain object but now looks like anything but simple and plain. It also took me over 120 hours to complete!

*Pictures included if you want to use them.

What is your favourite part about writing?

For me the best part is bringing the story to life whether it takes place in some place familiar or in some place otherworldly. I get like a creative rush when I feel my words are portraying what I’m seeing in my head. I may fail to reproduce that in an eventual reader’s mind but the thought of connecting with another person in that way is a real rush. The only better feeling is sex.

What is your favourite word?

Wunderbar – pronounced the German way (w has a v sound)

What is your least favourite word?

sauerkraut – it tastes even worse than it sounds!

What turns you on in a book?

That’s a tough one. For me, I think it’s getting lost in the story. There are a lot of authors that have influenced me but absolutely no one gets me fully immersed in a different world like Clive Barker. Imajica is my favorite book ever but I got lost in Weaveworld, The Great and Secret Show, Galilee as well as many others. He is the absolute master to me.

Why should people be on team Feind?

I think I’m a decent person but I like my writing to speak for me. If you enjoy the tales I weave, if they scare the pants off you then I’ve done my job and I’d appreciate any support you can give. If you don’t like my tales of terror then there are 14 other great writers vying for this prize that deserve every bit as much of your support as I do. I won’t win this contest, if I am lucky enough to win then it is my writing that has truly won.


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