April’s Theme : Botched Medicine

This month’s theme is going to be a short, small glimpse into the horror of medicine going awry. When medicine in botched, sometimes we see generations of DNA altered or even horrific plastic surgery that wasn’t what the patient wanted. Going to the doctor can be horrific sometimes, but these stories will leave you thankful you didn’t go to these doctors…

Because the new season is starting, and we are getting to know the contestants and their work, there will not be as much of the medicine theme. If you have a story, movie, or anything with medicine going horrifically wrong, send to the blog editor at : horroraddicts@gmail.com. Attention Editor or Stacy in subject line… or just send, it’ll get to me.

Do you have a favorite horror story, book, or movie that has botched medicine? Let me know as well, leave a comment or email me at horroraddicts.net!


Enjoy this month with medicine, new contests and getting to know the Next Generation Horror Writer. I’m pretty excited for this season! Until May, Addicts, stay away from the sunlight…


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